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end The Struggle ...


... By Discovering The Diet Truths No One Is Teaching You.

It was just supposed to be a social cup of tea and a small break. I looked around at everyone … they all seemed perfectly capable of just having 2 biscuits.

Except for me.

At the end of the break I looked at the empty cookie jar and felt a sickly wave of embarrassment … followed by shameful tears.

I had eaten them all.

I don’t even know how many were in there, but I know I ate most of the jar.

We went back to class and my small voice of hope silently wished the jar would be refilled for the afternoon break, never mind that we hadn’t even had lunch yet!

The jar was never refilled … And I couldn’t stand it.

I was NOT finished with that binge. On the way home from the course I stopped at the supermarket for another feast, and by the time I got home, that too had been devoured.

The binge continued until I went to bed with a sore, swollen stomach.

Followed by the guilt, shame and hopelessness. I knew it was going to happen again tomorrow, just like it did every day.  

But let’s rewind to earlier in the day … things were GREAT! I woke up, had a healthy breakfast, packed my lunch and started my day. I was motivated and told myself... 

“Today I’m going to be perfect with my food!”

But... as soon as I saw the biscuits … as soon as I felt those overwhelming urges I went from feeling like a strong, healthy woman to the most pathetic failure on the planet.

I instantly felt ashamed.

But it wasn’t just ‘bad food’ I binging on.

I was a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist and I worked at a gym … at that gym we had protein bars. Lots and lots of protein bars.

One night, I inhaled seven of them after I’d eaten my dinner.

... And once again with a heavy and swollen stomach

I switched the gym lights off, locked the gate and prepared for a painful bike ride home.

By the time I got home, my head was pounding. Why did I not stop at one … or three … or five! Why seven?

I was nothing more than a useless, fat failure. Through the tears, the guilt and the stomach cramps … I finally went to sleep. The next morning I woke with the biggest food hangover ever. Prying my sticky eyes open, I got out of bed and with a heavy heart as I prepared to battle another day as a Binge Eater desperate to stop.

That morning I did not think I was going to be “perfect with my food”.

I gave up hope that any diet or healthy eating could help me.

But I’m not one to give up easily. I knew I had one of three choices:

  1. I could just giving up trying and keep going the way I was. Binging, craving, emotionally eating and accepting that ‘this is my lot’.
  2. I could keep trying diet after diet, but still getting the same results
  3. Or I could make the choice I did…

I could figure out the hidden secrets to a good relationship with food and healthy eating that would allow me to feel confident, powerful and in control. And when I found these secrets, I knew that my body and my weight would easily be in control too and I would feel happy, relaxed and at ease with my body, and life in general.

Yep, that story really happened to me.

A lot has changed since then…

And I want to show you the secrets behind how you can truly have a great relationship with food. Actually, they’re not secrets, they’re simple truths that you probably have not been exposed to.

I am a Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Diagnostic Nutritionist and Mindset Coach to thousands of women worldwide.

I have personally helped these women feel good in their bodies and their minds, and most importantly helped them eat well without any guilt of binging, sugar cravings and emotional eating.

And I cured my own 26 year history with Binge Eating Disorder.

But this letter isn’t about me. It’s about how I can help YOU feel in control and confident with food in as little time as possible. Obviously, in less time than it took me.

Today you’re going to discover the secret and truth of how I coach women just like you to break through your eating issues and give you the freedom that you want in your body and mind.

Sound like a stretch?

You’ve heard my story, I used to think so too…

However, in the last 10 years, I have successfully coached many women to enjoy healthy eating, but most importantly to be able to do it without being sabotaged by emotional eating, sugar cravings and the desire to overeat till sick.

Not only that, but I have coached these women to go on and having amazing lives, increased confidence and the ability to go out and get everything they want.

In a sense, they got more than they ever asked for.

I don’t say this to impress you, I say this to impress upon you this important fact:

I know what I’m doing.

If you want to have a long term, healthy relationship with food and your body you need to do what they did.

Who better to show you what to do, than the person who showed THEM!

There are a lot of “experts” out there in internet land who love to take your money and call themselves a ‘diet guru’. You may have even purchased a program from them.

Anybody can sound confident, whack together a healthy eating plan, and put together some bullshit course and fancy marketing. Just know this:

Most people go back to their old way of eating once the ‘plan’ is done. In fact, only 1% of people will maintain their weight loss for 10 years, which tells us that only 1% know the real truths of long term EASY healthy eating and weight loss. 

These gurus don’t care about you. They don’t want you to get better and be able to do this yourself … if they did, you wouldn’t be a customer anymore.

I’m a bit different.

I want you to NOT NEED ME.

I love what I do and I coach people like you in real life, every single day. I help people just like you build a healthy body and healthy eating habits every single day. I'm not wasting my day on Instagram showing off my muscles, tits and ass. I'm not creating book sales to be popular. I'm out there cleaning up the broken remains of the diet and aesthetics industry.

It's important you know the truth, because this industry seems to lack a lot of it. Us scientists call them, Faux-Sperts. Fake Experts.

I am a Mind/Body Coach... And I only succeed when you succeed, and sometimes that means telling you the brutal, and sometimes uncomfortable truth.

Now, I am about to share with you the exact process I use to set clients free from Binge Eating, Emotional Eating, Yo-yo Dieting, Comfort Eating and Stress Eating.

And it doesn’t matter where you are starting from...

I have taken the most sugar addicted people to amazing heights

and I can do the same for you… if you are up to the challenge.

Are you ready for the exact process to healing your relationship with food so you can feel great in your body?

I’ll just let you know It’s not what regular dieters do…

It’s actually what ‘non-dieters’ do …

I call it …

BE Free … Binge & Emotional Eating Free. Also known as The Food Freedom Process.

Everybody knows that dieting works to lose weight right?

Then why is it so difficult to keep it off, why is it so difficult to maintain the eating? Why do we always go back to our old ways?

Not just for you, but for 99% of failed dieters.

The reason is, because most people are only focusing on following a food plan.

This is important, so pay close attention to every word I am about to say…

Almost nobody knows that there are actually eight different steps to making weight loss and healthy eating stick. I am talking about an entirely different approach you may have never heard before.

Do you want to have long term happiness with your body? Do you want to stop binge eating, emotional eating and food cravings?

You can, but you have to do it right.

And you do it right, by following proven steps. In fact, if you are dieting right now and not getting the result you want, it probably has nothing to do with the diet at all… how many carbs or proteins or whether you ate carrots or not.

It’s not about “how hard you try”... the answer is a lot simpler than that.

It’s not about blindly following a plan

It is HOW YOUR BODY AND MIND IS RESPONDING. It is how your body and brain releases chemicals that make you want to eat uncontrollably,

and crave things like sugar and other carbs.

And there are a number of steps to do it right, just like my clients and I do.

Here is the process:

  1. Learn How To Find Motivation Even If It's Not There
  2. Reduce All Nutrition Stress, And Eat To Nourish
  3. Learn How To Actually Understand Your Emotions
  4. Process Those Emotions And Solve The Problems
  5. Discover Who You Really Are To Eliminate Personal Frustration
  6. Manage Stress Properly And Learn How To Eliminate It Easily
  7. Reading Your Body So You Can Give It What It Really Needs
  8. Nutrition, Mindset and Exercise To Balance Hormones
  9. Nutrition, Mindset and Exercise To Balance Brain Chemicals
  10. Learning How to Overcome Excuses And Self-Sabotage
  11. Understand What To Do In Maintenance

Let me explain in detail...

All day long you are having chemical surges. Those chemicals are your hormones and neurotransmitters. And these chemicals are 100% responsible for how you feel … and for your eating behaviour.

I’m not kidding, every hormone and neurotransmitter is designed as a survival mechanism to make you feel things, and eat things. They do this so you can stay alive and reproduce.

When you have certain thoughts or emotions, and when you eat certain foods you produce these chemical surges.

Those chemicals can either work in harmony, or …

They can make you crave certain foods and drive you to overeat or dive head first into emotionally eating the wrong things.

And when we have this calorie excess … we gain weight right?

So here’s the real secret:

Everyone wants to just diet and have a quick fix. But science shows us that these negative chemical surges cannot be fixed by going on a diet. In fact, these negative chemical surges get WORSE!


Because they come from the brain and they’re influenced by how we think and what we eat. They’re also influenced by what we don’t eat!

You are not what you eat.

You are what you eat, think and feel.

Another secret is to focus on not just diet, but our thoughts about food.


I’ll demonstrate with an example.

You may not realise this, but when you just think about food you release hormones. When you think about yummy cakes with decadent icing your brain releases insulin.

Insulin is a fat storage hormone!

But … it also blocks the action of your fullness hormone Leptin. Without this hormone working it leads us to keep overeating, even if we have had enough food.

When you stress about socialising on a diet, or stress about whether a diet is working or not, you release the hormone Cortisol. This hormone upsets your metabolism and makes you gain fat around your belly.

So by using a more holistic approach, you can balance these chemicals which balance your eating behaviours and your weight.

This same 8-step process has helped me eliminate binge eating from my life and allowed me to maintain my weight loss for 10+ years with ease. It has helped numerous women that I have coached, including Daina who says:

“I started the program and even in the first couple weeks when I would have something trigger my feelings of guilt and shame that would have started a binge for me I had options! Real tangible options to work with!”

So now that you know what to do and what to focus on, I’m going to show you exactly how to do it.

BE Free : 8-Step Program - 12 Weeks To Results You've Been Looking For.

  • Stress Free Nutrition Plan And Recipes
  • Fast Exercise To Balance Metabolism
  • Daily Video Life Coaching - My Complete Food Freedom Process
  • Food Freedom Process Guide Book With Video Transcripts
  • Step By Step Activities And Tools To Change Your Life

This, (and your place in the Food Freedom Warrior Hall Of Fame) is yours for one payment of $297. (See below for other options)


Self-Study - $297

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I’ve been coaching clients on weight loss and eating issues since 2007 - Check out what some of them have to say...

I “Facebook stalked” Stacey for over a year before finally starting a one on one program with her at the end of last year. I needed a little help with my nutrition but more so with my inner turmoil and lack of self-love and Stacey was A M A Z I N G.
After just a couple of sessions I learnt so much about myself and some of the baggage I’ve carried around with me my entire life and how to cope better when stressed out and moody. She also helped me get my priorities right and taught me to be ME and be ok with who I am as a person. Turns out I’m not too nutty after all!
Since seeing Stacey I’ve become a better mum, better wife and guess just over all a more improved version of ME.
Stacey thinks outside of the box and tells you exactly how she sees it and I love that about her. I always looked forward to my sessions with her and I was sad when our journey came to an end. I will give Stacey Hancock my highest recommendations any day. She has definitely changed MY life for the better!
I am so grateful for the be free course! I have been suffering for all my life I can remember with food and eating and I just couldn't understand it when I saw people who ate happily meals I would never dream of because that wasn't in my crazy diet or my extreme exercise plan ( that never worked) I would have uncontrollable binges and feel deeply depressed anxious and guilty at what I had done to myself. I was miserable but I kept it to myself because when I had worked up the courage to ask for help all I got was more diets more exercise prescribed cos I was doing it wrong and councillors who told me I shouldn't tell anyone. Really? That can't be the only answer!?! I knew there had to be more going on something deeper and then one day Stacey appeared on my face book while I was in one of my not so awesome periods of secretly getting pizza and eating it at the beach by myself and then being to full feeling unwell, depressed and to ashamed to go and meet up with my friends and have a fun night I watched her videos and I couldn't believe how much she nailed exactly what I was feeling! OMG! I'm not alone! I started the program and even in the first couple weeks when I would have something trigger my feelings of guilt and shame that would have started a binge for me I had options! Real tangible options to work with!
Stacey changed my life in ways that I was not aware it needed to be changed. When I first saw Stacey I was depressed, over weight and I was a person who always thought that to have the good things in life I had to be thin first. I tried all the diets under the sun but surprise surprise none of them worked as I would just end up binge eating and hiding it from those around me. I also was not a great mum. Don’t get me wrong I loved my children and cared for them but I was too preoccupied with food. Stacey changed everything. She showed me that I don’t have to starve to lose weight and more importantly I don’t have to be thin or loose weigh to be healthy and go after the things I want. I don’t focus on food anymore and If there is something I want to try I go and try it. I joined a roller derby team which has given me exercise I love and not being super thin is an advantage. I can see thanks to Stacey that my husband loves me the way I am and I don’t spend my day thinking about food I can engage with my children and I would say I am a great mum now. Most importantly I don’t binge and I don’t have to be perfect. I have an awesome life and I am finally living it. I owe everything to Stacey and I continue working on my inner dialogue and finding out more about my body by listening to it. So thank you Stacey for everything! Stacey gave me life again and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

And I (Stacey), was just like you too.

Discovering the secret to releasing my struggle with food completely changed my life, and now I want to give it to you.

But it get’s better.

The price is actually $2580.

But today, you can have it for one payment of only $297 so you can have access too. My private coaching clients hate me for it.

Because with that type of discount, and its proven track record, you're paying over $2000 less than they did. At first I didn't want to believe that my students could literally do this entire program without me. But when I receive messages like this...

Hi Stacey
I just want to start by saying your [self-study] programme is so amazing!!!!!  Its unreal how much each activity is hitting home for me. The inner child section is giving me more clarity than i've had in years. Thoroughly enjoying working through the modules. - Kate, April 2018.

... It's exciting to see that you don't need me breathing down your neck after all!

So choose your option below and let's get started. By making an offer like this, I trust you. I have shown my self esteem and put myself out on a limb, as vulnerable as I possible can…

So now it’s your turn to show me your vulnerability too.

Stacey Hancock - Freedom Food Coach

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Self-Study - $297

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8 Weeks Video Life Coaching

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