Underneath every emotional eating episode lies emotion. Underneath every binge eating event lies a surge of chemicals within the body leading us into compulsive food seeking behaviour.

Would you like to know what drives your binge and emotional eating and how to heal it?

Welcome to B.E Free (Binge & Emotional Eating Free)

B.E Free is a fairly intense 12-week program designed to teach you about all of the triggers which lead us to dysfunctional eating. It gives you the tools to process your emotions, help to understand who you are and how to ease your stress and frustration in life and how to nourish your body properly so it doesn't go into compulsive food seeking behaviour.

How It Works:

  1. You will be given access to a private membership site with video coaching on each of the key areas along with exercises to complete to help strengthen your mind and get in touch with the underlying reasons you medicate with food.
  2. Every week you will meet with me 1:1. These sessions are to help you get deeper understanding on the video coaching, cover areas that are specific in your life, help you process through stress and lifestyle challenges and advise you on other practical steps over and above the video coaching. These sessions are a safe place for you to "dump your shit"  so to speak
  3. There are 8-modules, but we have 12-weeks, so it means that you won't fall behind. As your coach, I will be keeping a close eye on where you are at so I can direct you. For example, one of my most recent clients worked through the videos in the background while our 1:1 sessions focused on other areas - she got EVERYTHING she needed.
  4. Each video comes with a transcript, which is great if you do find yourself short on time and need to get through the material quickly.
  5. Our 1:1 sessions are 60-90mins long. This allows us plenty of time to give you the resolution you need.
  6. You will be given a Nutrition Planning System designed to show you how much to eat to ensure you are not over-eating OR under-eating. Did you know that under-eating is one of the main reasons we binge?


  • As this is a program available to women all over New Zealand and Australia, we conduct our sessions via Skype.


Your B.E Free Program is $2000 and can be paid off over the course of 12-weeks. Some people choose a deposit and then 12x payments. we'll discuss what works for you - please don't be afraid to discuss options with me.

My Personality:

I don't wear a uniform and I'm an extroverted introvert, which means I suck at cheerleader type motivation or barking orders at you. I have a tendency to swear ... but not AT you ok. I'm just expressive and free with my language. You need to be ok with me being me. Authenticity is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves when it comes to healing our relationship with food. We live in a world where we are bombarded by perfect selfies, fake-book and fake-o-gram. My job is to teach you also to become your true self and not the person that you think society wants you to be. I'm not here to turn you into a potty mouth like myself, I'm here to help break YOU free.

Now, don't forget (if you haven't read already) I had Binge Eating Disorder for 26 years, and was plagued by INSANE sugar cravings (36 packets of sugar a day in my coffees) - I walk the talk. Yes I have the science & mindset education and background, but I also know how much crap is being taught out there around binge & emotional eating. It's not all self-love and happy memes let me tell you that!

Will you lose weight?

It's quite possible. But, you need to understand that this is a 12-week program and the chances of you just "fixing" your emotional eating in week one are slim to none. If you view this as a weight loss program you will be disappointed. If you view this as a program that will assist you to enjoying healthy foods and ending your struggle with food, your body and your emotions then you will be delighted. But don't worry, I am not going to ignore your weight loss goal if that's a goal you have.

Brief Module Rundown:


This module is worth the entire program on it's own. You'll learn some powerful psychology behind motivation and accountability along with my Goal Ownership technique which will completely change the way you plan and achieve goals forever!


You'll learn what to eat to prevent massive cravings and how to fuel your body so you can start to produce the right chemicals for good mental, emotional and hormonal health. When you give your body what it needs it reduces it's 'wants'.


Discover the tools you need to understand what emotions lead you towards food. You'll learn how to stop saying "I don't know why I did that"


Here's where we take our yucky emotions and learn how to start healing them. I won't lie, it's not easy - but with enough practice here you'll start to see these feelings as a gift instead of a pain in the ass.


This is my favourite module! Here is where we discover who you REALLY are, and how to stand strong in that. With our new found connection with ourselves we can find greater connection in our lives ... which removes that dysfunctional connection with food.


We all have it, but we need to learn how to manage it so it doesn't produce sugar cravings, hormone imbalances and metabolic issues. You'll construct your very own stress management plan. By this point in the program, you will be starting to really understand where a lot of your emotional eating has been coming from.


Did you know that the foods you choose and the cravings you have can actually tell you what your body and mind needs? No? Cool, you're going to learn that in this module.


This module is about exercise but also continues on with our stress management. You'll learn how to use exercise to your metabolic benefit and how to avoid exercise that creates crazy cravings and a desire to over-eat. We also discuss weight loss in this module.


This is an incredibly insightful module. This is where you will learn all about why we "fall off the wagon" and how to manage it better. We all do it, we all make excuses and have discomfort show up - but now you'll actually understand WHY and what to do about it! 


This is more of a mini-module where we bring everything together and allow you to see your ongoing action steps moving forwards.

Are you ready?

You need to be ready to take the step and face your emotions and eating behaviours head on. I won't lie, it'll be a challenge in some parts as there is no growth without growing pains. But equally, there will be some super insightful and fun bits.

... Especially the bit where it changes your life.