Hi, I'm Stacey.

I'm tattooed, I swear and I love listening to heavy metal and dubstep. I've got a cat called Munchkin and my favourite foods all start with the letters 'Ch' (chips, chocolate, chilli, churros, chinese).

I'm also what you would call original, and authentic.

It's a good thing to be. There's less stress when you're not trying to be someone else.

Since 2007, I've been helping women (... and some men) overcome their eating challenges so they can lose weight, and effectively manage issues like depression, anxiety and stress.

It's what I was born to do.

And as for THAT story. It all started in 1984.


I developed Binge Eating Disorder at the age of around 7 years old. 

My after school snack would consist of around 1700 Calories.

This is not a joke. 

A slab of luncheon meat with a pool of tomato sauce, a melted cheese sandwich, 3 chocolate biscuits, a large Milkshake with ice-cream all washed down with a beer mug full of cordial. There was always room for pre-dinner potato chips and after-dinner pudding.

It wasn't because my parents didn't know how to feed me, we would always have good wholesome home-cooked meals and plenty of garden and orchard fresh fruit and vegetables available.

There was something else driving this need to eat.

When I was about 24 years old I would eat 36 packets of sugar a day. That was on top of the 2.5 Litres of milk, lollies, energy drinks, mini mince pies & muffins ... and normal daily food.

Even when I had lost 25kg and a Figure Competitor - I was still binging (and I STILL thought I was fat).

My great Massey University Nutrition Education didn't equip us for this type of eating challenge. In fact, no one does. Psychologists aren't armed with biochemical and nutritional training. Doctors don't have nutritional OR psychological training, and Endocrinologists don't have Life Coaching training.

So, who I was going to get help from?

Turns out, I was the only expert I could find. So I left NZ Education behind and found the answers out in the World. My study, research, exams, client work and travel helped me to understand why we struggle with diets, why we emotionally eat and why we binge eat.

I learned how the brain and the body creates intense cravings. I discovered the emotional, biochemical, physical, nutritional AND environmental triggers to our eating behaviors. I discovered the psychology of Willpower and why it never works. I learned all about theories of Motivation and how to REALLY ride it to success.

I explored the reasons why we lose weight and then regain it all over again! I became healthier in my mind, body and soul.

And finally, after 26 years with Binge Eating Disorder... it just stopped.

I didn't even notice it at first.

One day I had bought a bunch of food, and I remember looking at the full bag thinking, remember when I could eat all that in one sitting. And then I stopped... and said "Hang on... when was the last time I even did that?"

The behavior had changed so naturally, I hadn't even noticed.

It had changed so easily, with NO willpower, NO struggle, and NO fighting.

And finally, my weight had become a non-issue. I wasn't worried about weight gain, I wasn't worried about dining out, I wasn't choking down dry chicken and broccoli. Everything became easy.

I'm sure you can appreciate how much of a relief it is to know that these things, mild or severe, can be fixed without too much struggle. 

I've been binge free for 7 years now. I've had a few lapses, but nothing that lasted for a long time. The lapses didn't affect my weight, they were easier to manage.

But do you wanna know the best bit?

I no longer felt that sense of guilt, depression, anxiety and hatred. I was finally able to overeat without feeling like life was over.

But even better still, it just added to my list of resources that allows me to help my clients at the high level I do.

I wish all health and fitness professionals could tap into this advanced experiential learning and research. But it's ok, everyone has their different strengths.

I was just lucky enough to have Binge Eating Disorder for 26 years.

And I'm just glad you found me! Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this today saying...

"She sounds like the lady who is going to help me"

And if you truly do want that help... then yes, I will help you. If you don't want my help, that's cool too. Full recovery isn't for everyone.

Now we won't be doing our recovery through diets.

As the original creator of the Anti-Diet Belly Busters®. I have been helping women for over 10 years with Food Freedom by delivering a Success Focused food plan that doesn't deprive or leave you hungry.

The Tough Love, Anti-Diet Weight Loss Academy was created in 2015 to help women understand the holistic side of weight loss and to finally free themselves from endless Yo Yo Dieting.

As the first local Mind/Body coach in this community. I have assisted women with eating disorders, depression and anxiety to overcome their struggles so they can go on to live a rich, fulfilling life, in a happy body.

Like Daina...

I am now a chef at a restaurant called “Feast of Merrit” which is owned by a charity called YGAP working for education in poverty, I also teach kundalini yoga and am a gym rat in my spare time… I have a boyfriend and a cat and am planning on traveling to Europe next year.
A far cry from the girl you met who could barely keep my eyes open for more than 5 hours and would eat a bag of lollies and a block of chocolate and a giant cheesey loaf of bread and feel soo bloated and ashamed i would just hide in my room and run up a mountain in a cloud of depression only to go home to do it again,,
wow that feels like forever ago.

...And Now It's Your Turn.

I'm just like you, except I'm a few years ahead in the process, but I'll get you up to speed faster than it took me to learn it all.

  • Are you an emotional eater?
  • Are you a binge eater?
  • Have you done "all the diets" and still struggling with weight?
  • Are you a yo yo dieter?
  • Are you ready to find a better way?

My job is to help you nourish and care for your body and improve your relationship with food a whole lot better so that it's not a stress or struggle. And If I'm doing my job correctly, you will learn the TRUTH behind how to look after your body, mind and metabolism.

My mission is to educate.

I'm not a hand holder, I'm not a shouty warrior, and I'm not a cheerleader holding up motivational memes. But we are going to have a lot of fun working together. You've never met anyone like me before, and I 100% guarantee you've never done anything quite like what I have in store for you!

Boring stuff: I'm a Holistic and Diagnostic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer And Mindset Coach. (GCertScTech, Human Nutrition, NCertFitness, Personal Trainer Level 4, FDN Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, CHEK Exercise Coach, Gravity Foundation Trainer, Bachelor of Business, Advertising). Creator of Belly Busters®, BE Free, BodyFit Bootcamp, And Tough Love Anti-Diet Academy. P.S Why did I mention the advertising degree? Well, you'd be surprised to know how much advertising influences your choices. Even if you think it doesn't.