Hi, I'm Stacey.

I'm tattooed, I swear and I love listening to heavy metal and dubstep. I've got a cat called Munchkin and my favourite foods all start with the letters 'Ch' (chips, chocolate, chilli, churros, chinese). I get called unprofessional - but all I hear is "Stacey, today you didn't lose your authenticity". I don't wear a uniform and I eat potato chips for dinner sometimes.

I want to let you know that it IS possible to have a body that you like. But it's not gonna happen how you think.

Let's just get some boring shit out of the way: I'm a Holistic and Diagnostic Nutritionist & Personal Trainer (GCertScTech, Human Nutrition, NCertFitness, Personal Trainer Level 4, FDN, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, CHEK Exercise Coach, Gravity Foundation Trainer, Bachelor of Business, Advertising). We'll talk more about what that means later.

Fat, Bloated, And Sick. With A Side Of Eating Disorder.

I developed Binge Eating Disorder at the age of around 7 years old. 

My after school snack would consist of around 1700 Calories. 

This is not a joke. 

A slab of luncheon meat with a pool of tomato sauce, a melted cheese sandwich, 3 chocolate biscuits, a large Milkshake with ice-cream all washed down with a beer mug full of cordial. There was always room for pre-dinner potato chips and after-dinner pudding.

It wasn't because my parents didn't know how to feed me, we would always have good wholesome home-cooked meals and plenty of garden and orchard fresh fruit and vegetables available.

There was something else driving this need to eat.

When I was about 24 years old I would eat 36 packets of sugar a day. That was on top of the 2.5 Litres of milk, lollies, energy drinks, mini mince pies & muffins ... and normal daily food.

Even when I had lost 25kg and a Figure Competitor - I was still binging (and I still thought I was fat)

In 2007, 4 months before competing in my first Figure Comp, I started my company Neotrition Ltd - A Nutrition and Personal Training business focusing on Weight Loss & Wellness. Supposedly I was "in shape", with a body that many admired. But I was still binging and if I didn't find out why - I was going to end up overweight again.

Even when I had learned what every other Personal Trainer and Nutritionist had learned ... I was still binging.

So I got real. Really real.

I had to learn why the brain and the body created such strong cravings. I had to learn why willpower wasn't enough and I had to learn why us as women turn to food, why we hate our bodies so much and why, even when we've lost weight that we put it all back on.

90% of people who lose weight regain it.

That's a shocking statistic. Even though I lost 25kg, I still put 10kg of it back on - but I kept the other 15kg off (it's been nearly 11 years now). There are biochemical, psychological, lifestyle and nutritional reasons for this. It can all be explained. But you won't find the answers on a diet.

The Health, Fitness & Diet Industries Are A Joke.

I'm embarrassed to be part of this industry. Instagram is full of vagina waving fitness models and Facebook is full of nonsense weight loss bloggers. It seems that if you lost just 5kg and know how to use social media, you somehow qualify to hand out health and fitness advice. Those with ripped bodies are creating a new level of body dysmorphia, fooling normal folk into believing that visible abs are a sign of health and anything else is just "fat".

This is bullshit.

...And This Is Where I Come In

My job is to help you nourish and care for your body and improve your relationship with food a whole lot better so that it's not a stress or struggle. I bring with me years of personal experience, clinical expertise working with thousands of clients, science and education. A lifestyle change is not just following a meal plan - because at some point ... you're going to stop following that meal plan.

I bring a real personality.

If you're looking for a softly spoken professional or rah rah Personal Trainer, you won't find it here. You're going to have to be ok with some swear words... I'm TRYYYYYYYING to weed them out, but ya know... it's hard work being fake. But don't worry... we're all on the growth journey. I'm re-recording a bunch of stuff with less of the tourettes.

I'm smart, funny and straight up. I won't lie to you about health and fitness or weight loss. (It won't be as pretty as screaming LOSE 20kg in JUST ONE WEEK With This One Amazing Trick).

If you're cool with that, we're going to get along like a house on fire.

I'll teach you how to be happy in your body, your life and how to be authentic also.

How I help clients

My job... is to make you NOT need me. Does that make sense? 

If I'm doing my job correctly, you will learn the TRUTH behind how to look after your body. And that truth is what enables you (along with the rest of my clients) to get on with doing it yourself. You will lose weight, you will end up with more energy... those things are easy. But what I want YOU to get... is the ability to maintain it long term.

I'll give you short term accountability and motivation... but only if you make me a deal.

You gotta be willing to learn the LONG term game, so you can do it yourself. Cos I tell ya what... if you don't - you will be TIED to exercise or diet like a boulder, weighing you down for life (...just like I was).


I'm sick to death of the bullshit quick fixes and the people that sell them.

If you are too...

Let's talk.