The Mental Health Tip I See No One Talking About

Last weekend I got struck by some virus. Some say it was the flu. I'm still not sure. All I know is that it knocked my body out of balance - and it seems also, my mind.

Being someone who has a lifelong history of mental health challenge, I can safely say I'm not suffering from depression, and I'm not depressed. Although I "feel" depressed, I'm not depressed. Thanks to my life experience, I have the wisdom of knowing what is, and what isn't depression ( important topic for another day).

But today, I wanted to share with you one thing that you must do first, to help you feel better. And no, it's nothing that you've heard before. I'm not going to tell you to go talk to someone, eat some vegetables or go and exercise. Yes, those things are important, but for many people its actually a step too far.

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3 Quick Ways To Manage Stress And Overwhelm

I was talking with a friend today, and he said to me "I'm feeling stressed, I'm going to ask the Doctor about it". Because I know this person like the back of my hand, I knew in that moment, that was absolutely not what he needed to do. 

After all, stress is not a medical condition. And Doctors are not life coaches, confidants, or interested in spending the next 2 hours addressing the underlying causes of stress.

As has been my experience, and the experience of countless others - the best thing a Doctor will do, is prescribe some pills, or offer some superficial advice like "take a holiday" or "learn meditation" - all valid, but not exactly tailor-made advice, is it.

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Do You Have A Caffeine Addiction? If So, You May Have This Health Issue.

10 cups a day … 

That’s how much coffee he used to drink. He told me it was because it made him feel “less stressed, and more relaxed”.

Now as you probably know, coffee is a stimulant and you’d think after 10 of them, that this client would be feeling pretty jacked up.

But funnily enough, he was telling the truth. Coffee was making him feel less stressed, and calmer. 

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This Digestion Tip Is Having The Opposite Effect On Your Nutrient Absorption (And How To Fix It)

Digesting our food properly is the most important thing you can do to get nutrients into your cells, but there are plenty of things that can shut down this important process, including the act of liquefying your food.

We, as humans do not have nutrient deficiencies or impaired digestion due to some weird “food blender syndrome”.

Today we’re going to look at digestion and nutrient absorption, how it works and how you can improve it without blending your food to sieve sized particles

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