Do You Have A Caffeine Addiction? If So, You May Have This Health Issue.

10 cups a day … 

That’s how much coffee he used to drink. He told me it was because it made him feel “less stressed, and more relaxed”.

Now as you probably know, coffee is a stimulant and you’d think after 10 of them, that this client would be feeling pretty jacked up.

But funnily enough, he was telling the truth. Coffee was making him feel less stressed, and calmer. 

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This Digestion Tip Is Having The Opposite Effect On Your Nutrient Absorption (And How To Fix It)

Digesting our food properly is the most important thing you can do to get nutrients into your cells, but there are plenty of things that can shut down this important process, including the act of liquefying your food.

We, as humans do not have nutrient deficiencies or impaired digestion due to some weird “food blender syndrome”.

Today we’re going to look at digestion and nutrient absorption, how it works and how you can improve it without blending your food to sieve sized particles

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Is Your Emotional Eating Actually Emotional? (It May Be Physical)

It’s 10am, and breakfast was only a few hours ago.

But already those chocolate biscuits are calling your name ...

We’ve all been there, and we’ve all heard the call of the comfort food.

But what if I were to tell you that those emotional food cravings, whether they be at 10am, 3pm or after dinner weren’t actually emotional at all.

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Are You Craving “Fat-sugar?”

Let’s say I were to hand you a slice of rich, creamy strawberry cheesecake and a bowl of strawberry jelly, but you could only choose just one

Which one would it be?

If you’re like many people who struggle with weight, binge eating, emotional eating and “food addiction” I’ll bet you chose the cheesecake.

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