My Ass

My Goodness me. (Or in Stacey Speak, FFS)

I am SICK TO DEATH of seeing Instagram and Facebook full of tits n' ass trying to pass itself off as health and fitness.

Correction, I'm sick of seeing white chicks, showing their glute maxed asses handing out messages of health and fitness and what you SHOULD do, to have a great ass, and of course - a better life.

Give. Me. A. Break. Already. 

Look, don't get me wrong, I love a good booty. But what I don't love is the messages being handed out:

  • "Love yourself the way you are" (accompanied by a picture of a ifbb pro who cared about her self image, then packed on the chunk, but still can't stop posting pics of her former self)
  • "Just follow this and you'll, xyz" (accompanied by a picture of a bodybuilder who has trained for 20 years and is an actual ATHLETE)
  • "Just do this" accompanied by a woman who has the genetics of someone designed to have a big ass. 

And my personal favorite, from 2014 came from a trainer who dissed a woman's "flat pancake ass" jumped on the aesthetics bandwagon who I now see has had some "rough times" - read that as, let herself go. And if she reads this, she'll call me a hater, like she did in 2014. But quite frankly, I just don't put up with bullshit, lies and shaming. So I'm here to hand it back on an ass shaped platter. I'm here to tell the "you should be's"... to shut the hell up. That's not hating. That's getting real.

I'm mad. 

I'm not a JUST a social media follower. I'm a historical follower. I know what happens OVER TIME to the people you idolise. I've been in this game 10 years. I see what happens to your gurus. Fuck it, guys, it happened to me too. It happened to the gurus I follow. It just happens. But are you even seeing it? Or do you still have rose colored glasses clouding your judgement?

#REALTALK Folks. The GURUS you follow. Are as flawed as you. At some point in their life, they get fucked up.

And since we are all flawed. Guess what?

We must all be normal and normal, must ACTUALLY be PERFECT.

What a fucking revelation.

As my friend Danny J says - #lifeaf (that means life as fuck, aka life is up and down, start rolling with it)

So get the fuck on with life in all its messy glory and stop following bullshit white brazillian asses, fake tits, duck face smiles and liars. And try really hard to just be you. The best version of you you can possibly be. Get some values. Get some real goals, Get some life purpose.

Your Life. 

Your Way.



Here's a gratuitous pic of my 40 year old ass (you scrolled past it in the heat of my rant)

Learn to get healthy - and live a healthier life.

Oh yeah, you will get a better ass in the process.

My ass, someone else's ass. I don't care. Set a goal and get your own damn better ass.

But seriously, get some values and purpose instead.


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