It's All Going To Be Ok.

As you know, it grinds my gears watching the world of tits and ass trainers trying to peddle *cough* health and fitness advice.

But I'm pleased to say, I've seen a light at the end of the tunnel. And with a bit of good fortune, it's here to stay. I'll explain shortly, but first...

I've been in this game for long enough to watch the most overweight of us win their lengthy battles... but I've also been around long enough to see the hot bodies lose the plot mentally and physically.

And yesterday I was lucky enough to witness the most arrogant of overseas trainer admit he'd let himself go. And THAT my friends, was only 6 months after last declaring he'd let himself go. All while simultaneously telling the rest of the industry they're a pack of idiots. WTF? 

I've watched people lie outright to you.

Now, I'm not here to gloat at others misfortunes. Fuck. No. I am HERE to tell you the goddam truth that no one else is telling you. I'm specifically looking for people spouting their ego on Facebook or Instagram, so I can educate YOU on what the reality is. I'm not gloating at the aesthetic AF crew... no, I am using their spin to help you get healthier.

You see, I know you.

I know you cruise social media looking at those with the so-called better body than you. I know you feel like a failure in comparison. I know you're looking at these bodies wishing you knew how to do it. I know you've tried their programs. I know you've "failed". And I know you feel like shit about yourself. I know you feel helpless.

Yet, still you keep looking at these tits and ass ego idiots thinking somehow the "right" person will show up with the "right advice". Still you keep looking at these so-called idols and gurus thinking that YOU have somehow done something wrong.

And you keep looking at their bodies believing that they are how the average healthy and fit person looks.

I'm a watcher. And I'm telling you, after 10 years of watching - what YOU are seeing, is completely incorrect.

The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter my friends, and it can only burn brighter. It all started with the body positive movement. All of a sudden trainers realised that they needed to send messages of self love to the world... and ditch the "abs are made in the kitchen" shit.

Then, the light progressed into ripped fitness models and trainers, getting *gasp* fat (AKA adding a normal physiological level of body fat to their metabolically unbalanced frames). And those trainers and models (god bless them) started delivering messages of truth and struggle around their own journey from self loathing ifbb pros, to fit healthy self-lovin goddesses.

And the latest instalment includes fitness models presenting posed and relaxed photos, taken 30 seconds apart on Instagram. And it is with joy I say, I am seeing more and more of them. That body that you thought was perfect... actually looks just like you! (Disclaimer, depending on the person of course).

What we are now seeing my friends... is the truth.

But are you ready to see it? Or do you still think you can have a 6 pack 24/7/365... until the day you die? And if so, do you think you can have it without putting the work in?

Are you ready to see that a fitness model or competitor is an athlete? Someone who lives and breathes being an athlete from the moment they wake up til the moment they go to sleep? Or do you still think you can do 3 pump classes a week, eat a salad and look the same?

And further to the last point... are you ready to see that once you decide you are NOT going to compete, that there's no fucking way you're going to have a stage ready body all year round? Yeah, you're going to think you're fat until you join reality again. 

And moving onto you, my statistically overweight friend. Are you ready to see that asshats with abs don't know a fucking thing about your metabolism, life, and emotions? Or do you still think their $20 get shredded program is going to cure you of your emotional eating, excuses and quitting when it all gets "too hard"? 

You didn't fail ladies.

You GOT failed by my industry.

You got handed a big ol' slice of bullshit pie. And I got handed it too.

And 10 years since I joined this crazy world of Health and Fitness, those who handed out the pie, are now eating it. With a large helping of cream. And if you think I'm kidding... I've been watching a trainer and ifbb pro literally eat cake for her main meals. 

... With ALL that knowledge too. Interesting huh.

Now I know what you must be thinking. If we're all falling apart at the seams, there's no hope for you right?


If you keep following the ego maniacs, the tits and ass, the media darlings and the beautiful folks, well... I can't guarantee your long term prognosis.

But if you start getting real and actually observing the truth, and getting coached by those of us who know the truth - you're going to win. And you're going to win in ways you had no idea you could win at!

Imagine, finally not being confused over food. 

Imagine actually knowing what to eat... for the rest of your life

Imagine understanding your emotions and your reasons for quitting and "starting again"

Imagine knowing that YOU are exactly the same as an ifbb pro

Imagine knowing that an ifbb pro struggles like you and will never fat shame ever again!

Imagine being able to get back on track JUST LIKE us top level health and fitness experts.

Imagine this. We are all the same.

Imagine knowing what we know... and being able to spot the bullshit a mile away

Imagine finally being able to browse social media without feeling like YOU are the only one failing.

Just imagine.

I like to imagine a world where nerds like me are more popular than fake tits and huge asses. Hey, it may never happen... but I can dream right.

So, if you're sick to death of the superficial tripe... hit me up and let's get real.