A quick fix for the sugar fix - Gymnema

Gymnema, it’s not a cure for the sweet tooth, but it certainly helps in waging the war against it. 

Gymnema has been used for nearly two thousand years in India as a naturopathic treatment for diabetes, its benefits include lowering blood sugar, cholesterol and lipid levels and it regenerates the beta cells in the pancreas, which improves insulin sensitivity. It also attaches to receptors in the digestive tract reducing glucose absorption. It’s not a ‘starch or sugar blocker’ – it simply regulates the absorption processes. The greatest thing is that Gymnema blocks the taste of ‘sweet’. It’s only short lived, between 15-30 minutes, but this window is just long enough for us to distract ourselves from the sweets we’re about to grab.  

Here’s a scenario. You’re hovering around a block of chocolate in your house, you know its not going to help with you blood sugar levels or your weight, and you really want to not crave it…but the craving is about to win. The Gymnema just happens to be sitting on the shelf next to the chocolate, so you take some Gymnema, then decide, what the heck, just eat the chocolate anyway. But after the Gymnema, it tastes like cardboard, making you spit it out and off you go to do something else. Next thing you know you’ve forgotten all about the chocolate.  #winning!

While we work on our issues surrounding our desire for sweet foods and refined carbs, we can at least use Gymnema as a crutch to help keep us away from the sweets and to assist in regulating insulin and blood glucose to help with the physiological cravings.