Anti-Perfectionism Movement

I'm starting a movement.  It's called the Anti-Perfectionism Movement.  The rules, guidelines and philosophy of the movement are:

  1. There are rules, but they can be broken - because one rule doesn't fit everyone, but sometimes a rule can serve as a general guide when treated with a bit of commonsense and respect.
  2. You will not try and change yourself into something that is "perfect".  Perfection is impossible, even those people you see as "perfect" are loathing over something about themselves.
  3. You will accept that the world IS NOT perfect, it never will be.  Why are you trying to be or do something that goes against the laws of the planet that you live on?
  4. You will go to Wikipedia and read about the Pareto Principle (The 80/20 rule).  Yes, there is even a mathematical law that states nothing is perfect.
  5. You will accept that if you can eat well / exercise consistently / live positively somewhere between this magical 80-100%, then you will GET RESULTS and those results will be EASY TO GET.  Even bodybuilders cheat on their diets and have meltdowns - they still stand on stage in great condition.
  6. Hard as it is to swallow, bad things DO happen to good people, this is the law of random chance.  Random chance DOES NOT have any allowances available for your desire to be perfect (on your "diet", exercise, positive living)
  7. Now that you know the world operates on an 80/20 type of scale AND the laws of random chance, you will attempt to chill out and give yourself a bit of a break from the guilt, self-loathing and mental beatings that you have given yourself for missing a workout or eating one piece of cake out of an otherwise "perfect" day.
  8. You will stop comparing yourself to others.  They are NOT PERFECT either.  I have some great examples of people who look perfect but are far from it.
  9. You will practice one piece of conscious imperfection every day.  You will notice that the world doesn't end, your partner doesn't leave you, and your clothes will still fit the same the next day.
  10. You will get rid of all the thoughts containing "I should" that you have swimming around in your head and replace them for "I want" and "I deserve".
Every single client I see is not perfect.  They do not stick to their food plan perfectly, they do not stick to their exercise perfectly, they do not think positively every second of the day.  I don't want them to be perfect, I tell them to not be perfect.  I see between 30-40 clients every single week, 48 weeks of the year.  That's around 1440 -1900 appointments and guess what, 80% of ALL of those appointments will have a positive outcome (weight/health etc), 20% won't.  Does that mean I go and shut my doors because I'm not perfect?  Shall I go home at the end of every day and call myself a failure?  Just look at ALL the testimonials and ALL the results I get.

The world respected Personal Trainer Ish Cheyne told us on a Les Mills training course that 80% is the new perfect.  So there you go, even the top guys say it.  Go and be happy and back off on the need to be perfect, it's stressful and it's not in line with the way the world ACTUALLY works.  Being 100% perfect puts you in isolation and is not maintainable.

I'm off to Auckland now, but before I go, I'll be leaving my bed unmade and I'm not doing a workout.