Are You REALLY such an awful person?

I remember when I was a kid, being picked on by the kids at school.  I couldn’t understand why this was happening.  I’d never said anything to these kids, I’d never done anything mean or dishonest and I didn’t believe I was a bad person.

But I soon falsely learned to believe I was.

I recently worked with a client.  In fact, I worked with her in 2012 and helped her lose 20kg.  Her pictures looked awesome, and even looked like it could have been a 30kg loss.  This is often the case with my programs, you get a greater VISUAL result than the scale.  Which is a sign that the program is doing exactly what it is supposed to.

This client went on to regain the 20kg.

Over the next few years she would come back for my help.  And so we started getting to work on the Mindset stuff; the reasons WHY she found it hard to not only stick to things, but stick to things long term.

Over this time, things were happening in her life financially and I offered discounts and was always accommodating to her situation.

I helped her son with his fitness.

And then she started to turn on me.  I acknowledged that at some point I may have been a bit too hardcore.  Because, hey, responsibility is a two way street in my professional and personal opinion, and in the things I have been taught by my Mentors.  I completely owned my part in this and I even recommended a coach that may have been more suited for her at that point. Setting her free with the highest level of care I could.

But yet, she came back again for my help a year later.

And I accommodated.  I even gave in to her story again of financial hardship.  Even though, she was actually taking home more money than I was.

But again, she turned on me.

This client now wants nothing to do with me on any level.

So that trigger came back “Am I a bad person?”

And then I realised.  I’m not a bad person.  I operated out of care, integrity and I did the best I could with someone who was dealing with their own issues.  I did what I could.

And I’m at peace with that.

So my question to you is ...
Are you really as bad as you think you are?  Or have you just become affected by someone else’s ‘stuff’?  Can you let that stuff go and allow it to be THEIR stuff and not yours?

Why is this important to your body goals?

If you are going to live in a body of health, your hormones and your desire to emotionally eat is affected by this stuff.  You know that.  How stressful does it feel to be battling with "I'm not good enough" or "they don't like me" or "I'm a wrong person".

You are not a bad person.  

You are a person doing your best and growing stronger day by day.