Calorie awareness and serving sizes

How much do we pay attention to serving sizes?

You've got your box of Special K or Lite 'n' Tasty because the ad says it's healthy (It's not BTW). You've filled your bowl up, perhaps chucked a banana on top along with your trim milk, and hey maybe even a piece of toast with tomato. Did you look at your serving size on the box at all?

Try it some time, actually weigh out 35 - 45g of cereal and see exactly how much it is - does it meet your estimates or are you eating too much? And how big was that banana?

Let's look at icecream, we've read the nutrition panel and a serving is 100g (approx 2 scoops)...go and weigh your 2 scoops, how did they measure up? A standard glass of wine (104ml) is 88 calories.  How big is your glass of wine? And how about a bottle of sugary "vitamin water"  How many servings is in 1 bottle, did you check?  

What was your serving size?

The point here, is that we can have our treats and maintain a healthy weight if we pay closer attention to our serving sizes on foods that mother nature didn't create.  Yes, perhaps you were raised by your parents to have a mountain of mashed potato on your plate...does that make it right for you now?  The same applies for our healthy eating or weight loss plans, if you're having a go at healthy eating, then big high fives all round!  However, if you're not losing the weight you want, go back to those portion sizes and re-assess.

Lets go back to our 'healthy' breakfast. That big banana, double serving of Light n Tasty and a quarter cup of trim milk will net you a whopping 93g of carbohydrate, 55g of which is sugars. It's also 445 calories...and that's without adding any sugar or hot drinks you may have had with it. 

Now this is pretty fab if you're about to head out on a big run, but most of us are sitting at a desk and will probably eat a snack around 3 hours after our breakfast. All eating plans are different, so the breakfast listed above may be perfect for you and I'm certainly not saying don't eat these calories or sugars, if it works for your weight AND your health.  All we're saying is, if you struggle with weight loss or if you want to make a small start in your healthy eating without buying or eating different foods, then the nutrition panel and serving sizes is a fantastic place to start. 

Disclaimer: I don't support the consumption of ANY processed foods, but will allow clients to eat it sensibly if need be.