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Are You An Accidental Covert Control Freak?

Hi, My name is Stacey and I’m a recovering control freak.

Now, you may not even know you’re doing it. But the feelings of stress, frustration and sadness are very real when other people aren’t quite meeting our own life expectations. So have a wander through this blog and see if you’re an Accidental Covert Control Freak, too! And lets recover together!

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Do You Have A Caffeine Addiction? If So, You May Have This Health Issue.

10 cups a day … 

That’s how much coffee he used to drink. He told me it was because it made him feel “less stressed, and more relaxed”.

Now as you probably know, coffee is a stimulant and you’d think after 10 of them, that this client would be feeling pretty jacked up.

But funnily enough, he was telling the truth. Coffee was making him feel less stressed, and calmer. 

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