Change...Where are you at?

I'm just about to have a coffee and this coffee has no sweetener in it. I usually use Stevia, but I've run out and was eyeing up the sugar jar... Just 1tsp won't hurt - right?  In the grand scheme of my good diet, no 1tsp won't hurt... or will it?

I stopped myself with a very clear message that said "No, Stacey you KNOW how 1tsp of sugar makes you feel, and you KNOW you won't enjoy the feeling"  That was enough for me to make my drink sans-sweetener.

Where are you at on the whole change continuum?

And it is a continuum.

Here is my continuum regarding sugar use.

  • I NEED to have 6 sugars in my coffee
  • I'll just have 4 sugars in my coffee
  • I'll start using artificial sweetener in my coffee, I don't like it, but at least its still sweet
  • I'll try Stevia in my coffee...yuck I don't like it, going back to artificial sweetener
  • I'm out at a cafe, since its a treat I'll have sugar again
  • I'm going to give this Stevia another try, its in the best interests of my health and somehow I need to kick my sweet habit
  • I'm starting to get used to this Stevia - but when I'm out I'll still have sugar
  • I'm preferring Stevia over sugar these days, I'll make sure I take it to cafes with me
  • Sugar is starting to have a very negative affect every time I have it, its been out of my system and now I can feel how bad it makes me feel
  • I've run out of sweetener, just 1 tsp of sugar will make me feel yuck, but I'll accept the consequences
  • .....and today - I've run out of Stevia, and 1 tsp of sugar will make me feel yuck, so its plain coffee.

This is a pretty rough idea of where my head has been at from 2004 - 2010 while trying to kick my sugar habit.  The point I'm trying to make here is that we are always at a particular state of change and if we haven't reached the finish line yet then its nothing to get upset about, its another part in the learning process.  I guarantee you, if you keep working hard and trying to understand how your body feels, you will get to the point you want to be at.  It takes patience and it does take effort - but mostly it takes self-awareness and acceptance.  I am AWARE that sugar affects me, I am also AWARE I would like my coffee a bit sweeter, but I ACCEPT that I would rather have non-sweet coffee, than feel like a space cadet all morning from 1 tsp of sugar.

We are always somewhere on the wheel of change.  Where are you?  Where do you want to be?  And how much of the misery and stress can you let go of to help you move through the wheel with your goals?

Hey just an update (August 2013).  Letting you all know that not only can I tolerate sugar now, it doesn't make me feel heinous!  This is 9 years after I started on my sugar journey.  Can you see how awesome it is to make changes in our lives and then discover that those changes mean that we CAN have some of our old foods back without issues.   Will I ever eat 6tsp of sugar again?  Hell no, it tastes freakin awful.  Will I add sugar to my coffee or stevia.  I'll decide on the day :-)