Have you heard of Compound Probleming? Probably not, I just made it up - but I was working with a client the other day who had done this and I know I've done it - and I bet you do it too.

The pitfalls with Compound Probleming are many:

  • You start to become blind to the REAL root cause of any issue
  • It leads us to behaviours of "drowning our sorrows" or "eating away our week" (as was the case with my client)
  • It's actually a form of lying to yourself and builds false beliefs.

Yesterday I had committed to be at the gym at 6.15am this morning.  Last night I was having an anxiety attack (it's ok, I've had them since I was a kid, they're managed) but I didn't get to sleep until midnight, so I decided to set the alarm later.  I woke up at 6.15 anyway and headed to the gym.  Then I ran a red light (I thought it was orange) and got a $150 ticket.

I slipped into Compound Probleming "Oh woe is me, why is life so unfair, I had an anxiety attack and now a ticket and I still have to complete a workout FML"

My clients Compound Probleming was anger at a company, nervousness in a work situation and upset about being told she had to wear a dress for something.  It lead her to Binge that night.

Now, if you my friend, reading this are going to get a handle on YOUR binging and emotional eating you need to understand that the solution has very little to do with diet - it has EVERYTHING to do with your relationship with yourself and your world.  THIS is what creates your relationship with your food.

So on the topic of Compound Probleming - where are you adding random life events together to create one big ball of shit for yourself?  Is life really conspiring to get you or are they just different events that need your attention.

The interesting thing about my client was that her 3 problems were all different things: One of them simply needed letting go of - you can't control asshole companies, so just ignore them and get on with your standard obligations to them - don't let them live rent free in your head.

The other 2 things were actually coming up out of some beliefs that were being triggered. Beliefs being triggered is not life conspiring against us.  It's just stuff that needs working on so that it no longer affects us.

I guess what I'm saying here is there are better ways to deal with your emotional health than lumping every little thing together. Contact me if you want to learn more.