Dear Obese Kid Walking Down My Street

Your face broke my heart yesterday.

I was driving home and you were walking in the opposite direction
You glanced at my car as I drove past, as we all do

But in that moment I glanced at you also and your face told me a story of such deep pain I wanted to stop the car, turn around and talk to you.

But of course, you’re a 11, 12 … 13 year old kid, and that would seem a bit creepy

But your face burned a hole in my memory that I will never forget. Knowing I couldn’t help you in that moment, I just burst into tears as I felt your pain overcome my soul the way I felt my own pain at the age of 10 years old.

The pain written across your face was clear. You were not happy, but that word doesn’t do your pain justice, you had a look of helplessness and of fear.

You had a deep sadness that you knew you were destined for more but no way for you to have it.

You looked like this was your lot. This was how your life was going to play out …

A morbidly obese kid, bullied and down on himself
Growing up to become a morbidly obese adult, hiding away from the world

I’m sure you weren’t thinking about how you were going to die before the age of 40, but I’m sure you also weren’t thinking about the amazing fulfilling life that stretched out before you if you could just find the help you needed.

I then got very angry. I was so angry at your mum and dad. How dare they allow their beautiful son to become morbidly obese at such a young age. How dare they ignore your needs, how dare they ignore your EMOTIONAL needs and your physical needs.

How dare they allow you to walk up my street with such sadness in your heart.

Then I felt compassion for your family. A family who may not even know which way to turn, a mum and dad who also might be obese themselves, who don’t know any other way to live, who don’t know any other way to deal with stress and emotions and who don’t know how to step in a lifestyle of health.

In that moment, I made a promise to you.

Instead of driving up my street, I’m going to start walking it in the hope that I meet you walking the opposite way.

I’m going to talk to you, understand you and share with you that I too was once like you. I’m going to give you a voice and I’m going to give you hope.

If it feels right, I’m going to ask you if you and your family would like to talk about how I can help you.

You see kid, I’m not here for the superficial weight loss, I’m not here for the “last 2kg”, I’m not here for bodybuilders and dolly birds. I’m not here for the dieters and the impatient complainers. I’m not here for the knowitalls who want to keep telling me what the goddam internet says or what "such n such" says.

I’m here for those who feel mental and emotional PAIN every day from the body prison they live in, I’m here for those whose self-esteem is wrapped up in their body, those who need EMOTIONAL WEIGHT LOSS just as much as physical weight loss. I’m here for those who KNOW diets are bullshit and are ready to find a better way.

I’m here for those who show me their pain so I can help them break through. I’m here for those who can share vulnerability and be coachable. I’m so FREAKING HERE FOR YOU PEOPLE you have no idea. But will you step up and take it? Will you, through your fear, your excuses, your failures, your quitting ... will you step up and DO IT A DIFFERENT WAY with me.

I’m here for those who WANT MORE 
I’m here for those who don’t know what they don’t know
I’m here to teach those who want their whole LIFE to change and shift.

I’m here for those who binge eat but have no idea why.

I'm here for you regardless of which CITY or COUNTRY you live in

I’m here for those who think their weight is keeping them SINGLE, I’m here for those who don’t have kids … but if you do have kids, I’m here for you if you accept that I’m going to call bullshit on you using your kids as an excuse for ANYTHING. If you have a partner, I’m here for you if you stop using your partner as an excuse to get my help. I will call your partner out on his/her bullshit, and so-called support.

My best and favourite clients are these clients. I want MORE of you. You fill my life with joy around helping you.

I’m now taking applications for 2015 programs.
Make 2015 the year YOU finally breakthrough and break out of your cycle.

Make 2015 a year where I can drive up the street and see nothing but peace and joy written across your face.

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