Deprivation....and feeling deprived

Just a quick blog about deprivation.  

It's a word I hear frequently with regards to food and from those who wish to lose weight, but aren't yet ready to back off of the foods that aren't going to help. To be deprived of food by definition means that there is a "lack of adequate food".  ADEQUATE FOOD.....!  

People who are truly deprived of food are in need of things like rice and donations. Us, on the other hand are not in need of the basics of life, we have plenty. Yes, even those of us on low budgets are not deprived, if we can afford to buy cigarettes and alcohol then we are certainly not in a position of being deprived of food. Unless of course you've chosen to not buy food, in which case you're not deprived, you've just made a very poor choice.

You are not "deprived" of anything if you've been asked to give up your daily Mocha fix to help with your weight loss. Deprivation means you lack the opportunity or the experience or the advantage. So let's just flip this around, lets say you don't give up your daily Mocha and whatever else you feel you deserve - you are now in a state of deprivation. What? Yep. You are lacking the experience, opportunity and advantages of your weight loss goal. Now this is true deprivation in the sense of the definition.

What's worse?  Depriving yourself of achieving your goal, or depriving yourself of some shitty food that makes you feel guilty anyway. 

Your Mocha can be replaced by fruit and nuts, therefore you are not lacking adequate food.  You don't even have to give up your favourite foods! This is the crazy thing. We enter into a contract or a goal with ourselves to lose weight, and we tell ourselves, "I can't have Tim Tams ever again". This is simply not true and you know it. If you tell yourself this, the first instance you see Tim Tams, you'll be in boots n all - because you've told your brain can't.

Don't push the red button.  Of course we're going to push the goddam red button.  This is what happens when you tell yourself "I can't ever have..." 

Try this one simple technique, tell yourself the following: "I can have Tim Tams whenever I like. I just choose not to have them right now". It's empowering. It doesn't imply any sort of deprivation and most of all it puts you in total control of both your weight loss goal and your food choice. It makes the notion of "treats" more powerful, and helps to stop treats being seen as every day foods. I've lost a total of 25kg myself, and I can tell you that you CAN eat anything you like once you've hit your goal weight and put in place strategies that help you stay there (be it daily exercise or 5 days a week 100% good food with 2 days a week 60% good food etc).  

There's no such thing as deprivation, just an abundance of good health and positive feelings waiting for you at the end of your weight loss journey...and a big piece of cake with your name on it!!

You are not deprived, I dare you to go and tell a 3rd World African child that you are.  Come and tell me how that goes.