Detoxing - How do we do it?

In the last 2 posts we looked at what signs to look out for that may indicate your body isn't quite functioning as well as it should and why it may need a detox and we looked at why the body can become distressed to the point that it needs a detox. This post, looks at how to detox and what different levels of detox you can undertake.

There are four things you want to address with your detox:


  1. What toxic substances do you need to leave out of your diet?
  2. What do you need to add into to your diet or lifestyle to assist your organs in detoxifcation and elimination
  3. What non-dietary factors need to be changed.
  4. What are you detoxing?  Is it heavy metals, gut bugs, estrogens...? 


1) What do we need to leave out of our diets?
You really want to avoid anything that puts your body under load.  Avoid inflammatory foods, intolerant foods and non-food foods.

2) What do we need to add to our diets?
This all depends on what you're detoxing.  You will need to add lots of fruit, vegetables, meat, nuts, seeds and good oils.  You will also need to add targetted supplmentation.

3) Non-dietary factors
How do you breathe, think, move?  Any imbalance in the body will affect it's ability to process out toxins.  Did you know that your lungs are responsible for maintaining your pH balance and also telling your body whether you are in fight or flight mode or if you are quite relaxed.

What's in your house?  Do you have auto spray devices, mould, toxic allergens?  These will need to go if you are serious about helping your body remove toxins.

4) What are you detoxing?
If you don't know what you're detoxing then you're wasting money.  You can do 100 liver detoxes, but if you have high levels of mercury in your tissues then guess what, that mercury is still there until you detox it.  Get specific and work with someone who knows what they're doing.

If the health food shop lady handed you an off the shelf detox without doing AT LEAST a half hour consult with you then she is no better than Dr Google for dishing out advice.