Do food gifts have to be unhealthy?
Does healthy eating have to be expensive?
Do gifts have to even be food?

Yesterday I was given some beautiful fresh caught snapper from one person and from someone else I received some homegrown peaches and eggs. Last week I got tomatoes from this person.

Earlier in the week my Dad had given me potatoes, spinach, tomatoes and other assorted random garden items.

So last night for dinner, I sat down to a meal of Panfried Snapper, and Homemade Chips, with my homemade smokey tomato sauce, on a bed of spinach. And afterwards, a yummy peach.
Last week one of my clients bought me a cupcake from the cafe she works at (sure, it's not healthy as such ... but it was good!)

At the end of our street is a plum tree that drops plums on the road, a friend of mine also has a plum tree and a crazy amount of silverbeet. Down our driveway (before my landlord cut it) was a passionfruit vine dropping passionfruit on the driveway. My neighbour has a tree that has an excessive amount of lemons on it and down the street a bit further a house has a tree that always has mandarins dropping all over the show.

A couple of years ago, I put a shout out on facebook about some parsley, and was given large bag fulls from gardens that had way too much and I made this parsley pesto with it

I don't know about you, but I love receiving food gifts, and I REALLY love receiving food gifts from nature. It saves my grocery bill, allows the giver to feel good and it really stops waste of good food. I love eating organic, and so it allows me to do this without the cost or effort

I kinda suck at gardening and I don't like supermarket produce, but I do like taking care of my body, so these gifts mean more to me than things like jewellery and other random items.
And on the non-food note. I have a friend into the same music as me, and he randomly emails me with a link to a band he reckons I'll like - he's usually spot on, and I LOVE not spending hours going through crap music just to find something I like.

=====> Who can YOU gift food from the land to?
Who would appreciate the hell out of it?
And who can you ask if they have any [insert food item here]
What non food gifts can you offer?, <=====

Never be afraid to ask and never be afraid to receive.

And if you do happen to get food gifts, just think, someone put their soul and care into growing it / hauling it from the sea / picking it from a tree / carrying it out of the bush / rummaging it out of the grass/hay / or (in the music example) finding it online.

This type of gift has a great energy to it and perpetuates health instead of depleting it.