To all the "snoozers" Don't miss this once a year opportunity

Ok, so you've been setting the alarm for 6am for months now and struggling to actually haul yourself out of bed.  

After "snoozing" it finally gets to 7am, and now it's a mad panic to make lunch, get yourself ready and off to work. But that 6.15am run you were going to do has obviously missed out. Here's your once a year chance to achieve that goal. Daylight saving ends this Sunday (3rd of April).  We all know what that means right? The clocks go back one hour, giving us an extra hour to sleep in. But for those who are goal focussed and motivated, what it will mean is that 6am bleary eyed alarm will now FEEL like the 7am bright eyed alarm of someone who is ready to tackle the world!

The end of daylight saving may take an hour of light at the end of the day, but for those of us who WANT to but STRUGGLE to get up in the morning, this is Mother Natures gift to you.  What are you going to do? Look a gift horse in the mouth...or take the gift of time and use it to achieve! Or in the words of the great Charlie Sheen...winning!

Just in case it's not clear, you will put your clocks back 1 hour on Sunday night. Come Monday morning your alarm will go off at 6am, but because it feels like 7am you will leap out of bed, hit that 30 minute run at 6.15...make a good healthy lunch and be in the shower or preparing a good breakfast by 7am. Your body WILL NOT know the difference.  All that stands in the way of this successful strategy is your mind.  And yes, I know it's getting colder...that's easy, put more clothes on and keep your eye on the goal. I most certainly will be taking advantage of this gift of time. What will you choose?