The shamers, shaming the shamers. What?!

There are people on facebook and in blogs telling us that it is wrong to think about our weight in terms of visual appearance.  We should just love our bodies the way they are.

There are people on facebook telling us that it is wrong to count calories, and we should just eat according to our intuition.

There are people on facebook, calling people "shamers", when they, themselves are shaming those of us who are counting calories or aiming for asthetic reasons

Do you want to lose weight for a particular visual goal?  Go for it.

Do you want to count some calories for a while just to see what its all about, and see exactly how big food looks according to its calories?  Go for it. 

Do you want the self-righteous to shut the hell up and let you get on with muddling through your journey?  Yeah, me too.

The self-righteous will quote research, research that doesn't apply to everyone.  The self-righteous will tell you to wait until your hungry, without any idea whatsoever about mechanisms that BREAK down our natural hunger signals.  The self-righteous will tell you to love your body the way it is, even if that body feels really uncomfortable to move around for you.   The self-righteous will tell you to eat what you feel like without considering that perhaps you don't want to do that, perhaps you WANT to learn what healthy food is and perhaps you want to give it a go before moving into intuitive eating.

And I just found one self-righteous talking about not doing elimination diets.

The self-righteous will talk about evidence based research, without realising that we aren't lab rats, we're not textbook diagrams and research based ideas don't fit with everyone. 

Self-righteousness is ugly.  Understanding that every single human being learns differently is beautiful. 


  1. Everyone has a different idea about their bodies, YOU standing there telling them that their asthetic goal is wrong, is not going to change their mind.  So use your powers for good, and help educate them on a healthy self-love attitude WHILE helping them with the goal they set.  Sure, you may not agree with their ideal goal, but you don't need to shame them for having that goal.
  2. Everyone is sitting at a different knowledge level when it comes to nutrition.  Some people get really interested, surprised and curious when I start showing them what their food equates too in calories.  It's for learning, not for life.  Learning about calories is what we did in high school science, we learned about how energy works.  Nothing fad like there right?  So, as coaches, lets teach our clients what calories mean, and teach them about under eating, calorie deficits, why calories don't matter as much as we think.  Let's educate, not shame. 
  3. Some people have very dysfunctional functions within their bodies.  This equates to things like poor digestion, food intolerences, lack of appetite, inability to actually eat certain foods.  The self-righteous think you guys should just "eat the food" and "don't miss stuff out".  The intelligent know that we might need to change things around to help your body work better.  No, there isn't any evidence based research.  But a smart and experienced Nutritionist has a brain between their ears and knows how to look after their client.  The self-righteous do not have any right to comment about these tricky health matters.
  4. And in general, as a coach I have realised that if you don't treat the person and you ONLY treat the "facts", then you're missing the whole point of why we're doing this - to help people. 

I refuse to quote research to my clients.  I don't care and they don't care - they are sitting in front of me with goals, ideas, beliefs and barriers.  It is my job as a coach, to respect these current ideas and beliefs (ie, respect the PERSON) and help facilitate their journey to a) reaching their goal (their wants), and b) teaching them about other functional ways to view food and the human body (their hidden needs).

I know its important to respect our bodies regardless of where its at.  But it's also important to respect our clients, and if its all about the visual, well then..... cool.  You can't MAKE someone have YOUR goal.

You are NEVER going to teach people by standing on your high horse.  Pop down to their level for a while and you'll really be able to make some good changes in thinking. 

I do, of course, respect research, when its useful.  And quite frankly, research telling people not to eat eggs...which come from nature and have never caused harm is just insane.

Stacey Hancock