What's your preference...flavour or ingredient?

When it comes to food do you prefer to choose on flavour or on ingredient?

This question popped into my head as I was making my SuperRed Soup. I added blue cheese to the soup because I love the taste of it. Now someone may say, why don't you just go and eat blue cheese on crackers...and that is the crux of the question right there. The ingredients in my soup are a far better carbohydrate source than the ingredients in a processed cracker that I'm probably going to overeat, yet the flavour is the same with both...they both taste like blue cheese.

When looking at healthy eating, you don't have to avoid your favourite flavours, you just need to work out what they are and how else you can get them without adding the high trans-fat, high sugar, high additive ingredients.

Take spaghetti Bolognaise for example. The flavour profile is a tomato, slightly meaty, salty taste right? Would this taste change if you used a vegetable to serve it on instead of pasta? Of course not, because you're still using the same flavours in the bulk of the dish.  I serve my Spag Bol on top of long thing boiled cabbage... it looks like pasta, and doesn't change the flavour profile of the dish and I don't get an upset stomach that pasta would give me.

On Dr Oz a lady made a healthy pizza, it was flat bread with some sort of salad on top with a bit of cheese and some other pizza flavoured ingredients.  

What are the main flavours of pizza?  Tomato, cheese and oregano. Who says we need to add yeasty dough or mountains of mozzarella... they aren't the main part of the flavour profile of pizza.

And curries, sure we can add cream and mountains of rice, but again the flavour comes from the curry paste and the seasoning.

Find your favourite flavours and get healthy and creative with the ingredients. Let's face it, a dry cracker, plain piece of bread, or plain spaghetti has no flavour until we add flavour to it, so what is it we really want... the ingredient or the flavour?

Choose flavours over ingredients and watch your weight drop and your health soar.