Nibbles with friends

Entertaining friends doesn't have to be a binge fest, a few well thought out snacks can have you and your guests feeling fab all night and keep everyone on track with their health and fitness goals

Antipasto Platters are great because each guest can pick and choose what their food intake will be.  Include both deli and home cooked meats, smoked salmon (too many deli meats aren't good for us), sundried tomatoes, olives, capers, rice crackers, vege sticks, healthy dips made with a natural yoghurt base, pestos, pate, hummus, guacamole, cheeses and even a smattering of chocolates on the plate to tempt the sweet tooth.

Now, your job as the weight watching host is to ensure you're being social enough to not think about the food.  If you struggle, make the whole platter diet friendly with antipasto style meats and veg.

Devilled, curried egg is a popular option, but the high fat content isn't so great.  Try mashing pumpkin with curry powder, onion and salt to create a low fat filling to your egg - and yes, it tastes pretty much the same. Use vegetable bases as your canape base - oven roasted potato or kumara rounds, raw zucchini or carrot circles or even 'capsicum bowls' (quarter capsicum) can work as a great base to add a bit of smoked salmon and dill, or chicken with a dollop of basil pesto.  This is a great idea if you don't want to feed anyone flour based canapes. kebab sticks are also great, small meat portions with veg!

Roasted chickpeas, wasabi peas and nuts are great little snacks - but make sure you're not going over your portions.

As for alcohol, best to stay clear for weight loss but there's no reason why you can't have 1 glass of wine, divided up with soda might end up getting 3 drinks out of it! 

A glass of soda with a squeezed lemon is light and refreshing, and really does anyone need to know you're not drinking...and if anyone is going to be a bitch and judge you harshly for not drinking then they are the ones with the real problem.