“I ate the whole thing” - Do You Struggle With This Self-Control Challenge?

You’re probably quite familiar with the story I’m about to tell you.

It’s a story of two women. They’d never met before in their lives, but they lived just down the street from each other, they were the same age and each had 2 kids. By all accounts, they lived pretty similar lives.

On some days of the week, food treats would show up in some way. It might be a bar of chocolate, a cake, a bag of chips - anything.

One of the women would always go into a silent state of panic … “How will I stop myself eating the whole thing. I’ll have to eat the whole thing!”

The other woman accepts the food treat, has a little, and puts the rest away.

Why the difference?

Well, there are a lot of reasons -

But one major difference - is a scarcity or abundant mindset.

Our bodies are designed for one reason

Our only job at a biological level is to stay alive. That includes things like breathing, digestion and elimination, staying safe, finding food and water.

At a chemical level, we release hormones when we are in scarcity, stress or feeling unsafe. The job of these hormones is to encourage us to find food, fight or get to safety.

If our body thinks food is scarce and life is unsafe (even when it’s not), then it will start to pump out stress hormones to deal with the situation – and that makes us want to eat all the food.

But of course there’s no food scarcity …

But things like stress and restrictive diets are leaving us malnourished (low on nutrients). Not only that – we are actually becoming scared of food! We undergo huge levels of stress deciding on what to eat, what not to eat, “oh my god what did I just eat”… and so on.

After the stress and scarcity hormones are in action, any food that shows up will be devoured in seconds.

It’s called the restrict → binge cycle.

How To Start Dealing With It

The number one thing you need to do is tell your body that it is in a state of abundance. That includes things like nutrition, time, money, love etc. Give your body lots of signs that it’s safe.

In everyday life, just eat the basics – vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, eggs, nuts, seeds. Dairy, wholegrain and legumes if you thrive off them. Eat enough of them. Eat them slowly and peacefully. And tell yourself good things while you eat them.

Don’t question the basics. Stressing yourself out over all the conflicting nutrition information is just making your brain and body scared of food!

Say this to yourself:  “I can have [food item] anytime … I choose not to right now”. This will start to train your mind to think along a more abundant pathway.

Look for abundance in other areas of your life and show your mind that abundance is all around you. And it’s also safe and good to have lots of it.

Do regular exercise that makes you feel good and challenges you. Do it at a time of day that feels right.