Stacey's top 6 immune boosters

There are so many people sick at the moment, I can't believe it!  Well, actually I can believe it, but here's hoping this little post will help you with your immune system so that maybe next year you don't get as ill.  These are my top 5 immune boosters.

  1. Healthy Gut.  Your immune system lives in your gut, so it's a good idea to keep it in tip top shape.  I recommend making your own bone based broths (the basis of the good ol' chicken soup for a cold remedy), taking probiotics or fermented food and avoiding foods that irritate and inflame your stomach.
  2. Cut out the sugar.  Sugar depresses our immune system and also fights vitamin C for space on receptors of the same shape.
  3. Support your immunity with daily Vitamin C and Olive Leaf Extract and at the first signs of a cold or flu, up the doseage for the first few days.
  4. Controversial, but my stance is to avoid the flu vaccination.  I've not yet seen anyone get the flu jab and NOT get the flu.  Hmm.
  5. Support your nervous system with 8 hours of quality sleep, deep full lung breathing and dealing to or let go of stress or unresolved issues.  Stress from all of these things can depress immune system function.
  6. Antibacterial = anti-immunity.  Just use normal soaps.   We build immunity by being exposed to pathogens.

When and if you do catch a cold or flu, don't spread it around, stay home away from other people who's immune systems may not be up to the battle.  Drink loads of water to assist mucus formation to clear out the bacteria, stay warm in bed and eat nourishing food.  We love eating crap when we're sick, but this doesn't help you get better.  And stop stressing about being sick, if you've taken days off work, there's no point feeling guilty or stressed about it, life goes on in your office with or without you, and stress will not help you get better any quicker.

Oh and bottles of orange juice are just sugar, they will FEED your illness, not make it better. 

If you're feverish, achy or have respiratory distress of any type take time off training, go back to light training once the illness is above neck height (ie, sniffles)