Inflammation kept simple

I get the feeling that inflammation is misunderstood and thrown around like a bit of a catchphrase. This painful condition is really the beginnings-of-the-end in terms of strong healthy cell function.

You know how you cut yourself, or scrape your toe or get a bee sting or a sore throat etc, it get's all red, sore, hot and swollen right? And by all accounts, we tend to try and make sure our body gets in and out of this state easily don't we? We know what happens if it doesn't heal quite right and perhaps becomes infected, or develops lot's more scar tissue due to slow healing. Well, does it surprise you to know that we have this going on inside our body also?

We are fairly familiar with things like inflamed joints, but have you considered inflamed organs and other tissues? This stuff actually happens, if you are experiencing "symptoms" of some sort, the liklihood of finding inflammation is quite high. 

Inflammation = pain (short and long term) + changes in function (long term).

Inflammation is your body trying to heal itself from assault by providing more targetted nutrition and removing toxins. Your immune system asked it to. If you have inflammation, you have to have a real or perceived assault to the body to start the ball rolling. If you find and get rid of the trouble maker/s, and support body systems where necessary, you stand a chance to get strong again.

Long term, unresolved inflammation is painful, but not only that, it can lead to serious tissue changes, impairment and loss of function to that organ or region of the body. This is seen in changes by signalling molecules (hormones, neurotransmitters, cytokines). Inflammation is trying to keep you functioning, so if the problem can't be solved, it gets isolated and blocked off by fibrous proteins and other lovelies.

There are ways through this mess, but it's not for the masses, each individual needs to be assessed individually. Here are two very basic take home things you can do right now:

  1. Remove all processed food from your house/diet, they are all highly inflammatory.  
  2. Consider either cutting out dairy/wheat or at least being tested for an intolerence.  These are two common inflammatory foods.