Let it go

Let it go
Get over it
Move on
Suck it up and bite the bullet

These words have a lot of power to them, remember the last time you were really worked up about something and someone uttered the words “Get over it”, one of 2 things probably happened, you either got really angry or you actually got over it...or maybe you did both.

"You and your dysfunctional food choices have to move on"
"Suck it up and eat your vegetables"
"Yes, your sister is rake thin and can eat whatever she likes, get over it"
"You had one bad weigh in, let it go and get on with it"

It’s hard work achieving a health and fitness goal, and some find it harder than others. I tend to take a somewhat soft approach with my clients, I’m not going to tell you that you can’t eat it, I can only make you aware of the consequences and how it will affect your goals. However, I’m going to use this blog today to throw some tough love out there to everyone, whether I’ve met you or not.  And guess what, this tough love has also applied to me in the past.

If your food choices have led you to be overweight/fatigued/unhappy etc, then why are you fighting to have them in your life still?  Time to take a stand.

You can eat whatever you like. No nutritionist, personal trainer, book, website, diet guru, pharmacist, doctor, dietician etc can stop you. So go ahead, eat it. All of it.

What, you don’t want to now? Why not?

Great, you have a reason...a fire in your belly!   Now suck it up and stick to the plan of attack.

Ah, but you’ve been asked out for dinner. Tough, suck it up and stick to it.

But Easter is just around the corner. Tough, get over it.  There are 52 weeks in the year, of course you're going to be asked out for social occasions or be faced with "food holidays" like easter and Christmas.  This isn't a new phenomenom and it is NEVER  going to change, the only person who can influence the consequences (both good and bad) of these eating events is you.  You are going to experience at least 50 Easters, even more if you don't die of preventable health related diseases.  Eat Easter next year.

Go and get angry, sulk, cry and all the rest of it. And once your done make sure you’re still biting that bullet instead of that pie. Life will always throw dietary challenges at us, that’s just how it is and just another thing to get over. I don’t care if you’re the world’s most social person with no less than 3 social events every week for the next 3 months. Get over it, and work with your coach to figure out how you’re going to manage it, and then stick to it.

Changing habits to meet a certain health and fitness goal is hard work. I’ve been there, and it was a bitch.  But if you don’t suck it up and get on with it, it is going to take longer and it is going to be harder. Your motivation will drop and your results will be slow. And yes, anger, sulking and being upset are all a normal part of it.  So when you start feeling like this, don't be surprised and certainly don't go and reach for the icecream to make yourself feel better about it all.

Have you got kids? It’s just like that. Feed a negative behaviour with attention and the behaviour will continue. Ignore the behaviour and the child will get angry, sulk, cry and shut themselves in their bedroom...and eventually the behaviour doesn’t return (yes I know this is very simplistic). This thought pattern can be applied to dietary changes also.

Just be a little bit tougher with yourself, stop making up ‘reasons’ why you ate that cake. If your goal is weight loss, then there is no reason to eat something that isn't conducive to weight loss.

If your nutritional and exercise choices up until now haven’t achieved the goal you want, why are you still hanging on to them? Let it go, get out of that abusive relationship now!