Lettuce is bad??? What?

When I see a program that tells me to "go easy on lettuce and cucumber" I know there's something seriously wrong with the mentality of the person who wrote it. 

For the second time this year, I have seen this bullshit about cucumber, the first time I saw it, it was a nutritionist explaining how 'exact' her food plans are, right down to the slices of cucumber on a sandwich. This second one is claiming that cucumber and lettuce are high in sugar. Give.  me.  a.  break.

We've got people eating trans-fats, additives, and swilling copious amounts of coffee, and these two people are focusing in on the evils of lettuce and cucumber. Something is very wrong with my industry, and I'm just going to set you guys straight.

100g of lettuce has 0.4g of sugar. It is also 93g water. 

100g of cucumber has 1.7g sugar and 96g water. 


People telling you to count your slivers of cucumber and to "go easy on the lettuce and cucumber" ARE the enemy in my opinion. If your metabolism is so incredibly wrecked that a lettuce leaf or cucumber makes you gain fat, then you've got very huge problems that aren't going to be solved by some dolly birds idea of a good diet. So my message to you is this. 

Before you start cutting out things that are actually good for you, start with the basics and cut out man made foods and be savvy as to who you're taking your nutrition advice from. You don't have to have a degree in nutrition to know that lettuce and cucumber aren't "go easy" foods. Rant over.