How to lose weight without dieting

Isn't that the most exciting headline?  "What!  You mean I can actually lose weight without dieting?"  The magic bullet DOES exist after all!

Yes you can lose weight without dieting.  No it is not the magic bullet you are looking for.

It is called lifestyle change.

What is a lifestyle change?

"Lifestyle is the typical way of life of an individual, group, or culture". - Wikipedia

So that means a lifestyle change must be:

A change in the typical way of life of an individual, group or culture.

Let's repeat the key bit: A CHANGE IN THE TYPICAL WAY OF LIFE.

repeating that again ...OF LIFE.

Not of food.

Not of exercise.

Of life.

Now that we know that, how can we use it to help us shed the weight we want?

How can we use it to keep the weight off long term and not be one of the 90% who regains it


Just ask, how is your life contributing to your body?  Can you peel back the layers to find what the real problems are?

Let's play through a hypothetical conversation:

CLIENT: "I can't stick to my food plan, I crave lollies all the time"

STACEY: "How do you feel when you are craving the lollies"

CLIENT: "Usually it's in the afternoon, I'm usually really tired"

STACEY: "What time do you go to bed?"

CLIENT: "2am"

STACEY: "So if you were in bed earlier, we could start to alleviate this tiredness and that might lead you to not crave sweet things".

CLIENT: "Yes, but I have so much study to do, cos I mess around all day"

What we have here, is a client who needs to manage a healthier relationship with food, but she needs to foster a healthier relationship with sleep.  But more than that, she needs to address why she has no time during the day to complete her study.  She says she messes around, so she's obviously procrastinating and having to do it later.

A lifestyle change would see this person getting real with herself on her procrastination, time management and general attitude to study and getting things done.  By dealing with these things, she may find she gets to bed on time, sleeps well and stops craving sweet things the next day.

Her body fat levels could finally start to reduce without her having to go on a diet

Not just because she stopped the lollies, but because she reduced her stress by just getting her work done and allowing herself rest and relaxation in the evening.  So not only is this person able to reduce her sugar intake and calories, but she is also doing good stuff for her hormones and her nervous system.  All these things are crucial to healthy, sustainable weight loss.

And THIS, my friends is what we mean by a lifestyle change.

A lifestyle change for this girl is not

"I gave up lollies"

It is

"I started studying more effectively during the day and getting to bed on time, this stopped my sugar cravings the next day.  I will continue to live my life with this new found knowledge about myself and my new improved attitude".

Look at your lifestyle.  Make change.

This is one of the Secrets of the top 10%