Going mad on organics!

I've been doing a bit of a detox.  I'm not really one for "detoxes" as such, but I have been feeling a bit under the weather for quite some time, including an incredible hypersensitivity to smells like perfumes, paint, outside cigarette smoke and I was even struggling to turn my car heater on as all I could smell was the outside exhausts. 

So I thought, detox...why not?  Part of my detox was to go organic.  I eat really well as it is, so I thought, well if I'm eating fruit and veg, I must be getting the nutrients anyway - but after feeling so yuck for so long I started thinking about all those xenoestrogens in the pesticides on my food and instantly felt grossed out that with the abundance of good stuff I was eating, that I was probably eating tablespoons of pesticide, hormones and antibiotics each week.

Xenoestrogens are in industrial compounds that exert estrogenic effects on the body.  A disruption in normal body estrogen levels can lead to all sorts of problems...including abdominal weight gain.  This is an area I struggle to shift, even when getting ready for a bodybuilding show.

In addition a build up of environmental toxins in the system can lead to hypersensitivity...so it was an easy decision to go organic.

So I headed down to Village Organics and spent a little too much, but then I ended up having heaps left over for the following week, so for the last 2 weeks my grocery budget has actually been the same as it would if I was going to the supermarket.  On the weekend I went to the  Hamilton Farmers Market for the first time and was completely blown away by one stall who were selling giant cabbages, silverbeet, radishes, bok choy and spring onions for $2 each.  Now, we would pay this price in the supermarket for something smaller and filled with synthetic pesticides.  My $10 spent at this stall is actually going to last me 2 weeks.  I picked up 4 punnets of sprouts (snowpea, flax, ....and some others I can't remember) for $10 also, again, it looks like these will last for 2 weeks.  A massive bag of boysenberries was only $8....again, prices close to what you pay in the supermarket but such better quality.

But what about the taste?  Many people will say there's no difference.  I did notice a difference, my organic lettuce from Village Organics was so yum that it didn't even need any other salad bits and pieces with it!  The organic nuts had a sweeter taste, the bananas and apples were sweeter and more flavoursome and the mince I got was so lean and tasted devine.  I had recently gone off meat as I wasn't liking the taste but this Harmony Meats mince was lovely!  Eggs are also vastly different when you go organic.

I don't think I will be switching back to pesticide food anytime soon.

Just this week I have also switched to a semi raw diet, preferring to eat my greens raw instead of cooked.  Yesterday I had a massive saladwhich included avocado, nuts and seeds and a bit of cooked pumpkin, and it was so filling I struggled to finish it.  Last night I had a similar salad with a lovely organic cannellini bean and tinned tomato stirfry type thing and again, just didn't feel like the usual after dinner snacking.  Before bed I had a small corner(and I mean small, the size of a 10c piece) of my flatmates cheese and garlic flat bread, and within 10 minutes had bloated up like a pregnant seahorse...just sealing the deal for me, that organic and natural is the way for me.  

And the best thing is, I'm not craving muffins, coffee, chocolate chips etc.  So if you're scratching your heads wondering where all my "fun" is gone, to be honest its not fun walking around like a bloated wilderbeast.  And the brain doesn't miss what it doesn't think about, the thoughts of muffins and scones don't even enter my head....so how can I miss what I don't miss right?

Righto...I'm off to have some organic nuts with my organic banana....and a few organic Goji berries for an antioxidant hit!