Making Excuses #3 - But it's christmas!

Bit of a lighthearted blog about excuse #3.  Christmas. (might have to read to the end to find the lightheartedness)

Whether you've worked hard, or not so hard on your health and fitness the old "But it's Christmas" is always a strong permission giver when it comes to over eating and under exercising.  It's not always the most useful permission giving phrase, as this particular excuse really does make us eat incredible amounts of food that we wouldn't normally give ourselves.

What does this all lead to (for some of us)?

Sore and bloated belly, fatigue, irritability, weight gain, digestion issues and for some of us, feeling guilty about what we ate.

Now, this would be all well and good if it was confined to the one day of the year devoted to Christmas, but we like to start our feastive season 3 weeks prior and continue it 3 weeks after.  That's 10% of your year devoted to "It's ok to eat's Christmas time".

Earlier this year some research popped up that discussed how an extended period of overeating (regardless of how good you are the rest of the time) will lead to metabolic disturbances for quite some time after the period of overeating.  I can't remember the details, but it was a very long time that things were disrupted.

It is ok to treat yourself at Christmas time.  But is it ok to use it as an excuse every time a co-worker or friend presents you with food or drink?  "Mary brought in Christmas mince pies so I had to have one"...."Then the boss shouted us to lunch, so I had to make it worth my while"....."Then Mike invited us over for a BBQ and demanded that we try his tiramisu".  All of these things happened "because it was Christmas".

Just remember, Christmas is the 25th of December.  If you want to maintain your weight and your health easily and long term, it's a good idea to really start thinking about the concept of Christmas and exactly how many days of your life it takes up with poor health choices.  The more primed your body is leading up to Christmas day, the better, more energetic day you will have, and lets face it, we need all the energy we can get with relatives and inlaws don't we.

As for me.  I'll be pigging out.  Not because it's Christmas, but because I have decided to.  It just so happens that Christmas is a convenient time for me to make this decision since I don't have to cook or buy food!  Remain aware and conscious of your eating over the holiday period and you'll sail into 2011 feeling awesome.