Making Excuses #2 - I'm too tired

Here's the second in my monologue about excuses.  This one is about "tiredness". 

And yes, I have used quotation marks for a reason, and that reason is the that being "tired" is pretty subjective.

Firstly, why are you tired?  Did you have a late night?  Are you unwell?  Are you stressed?  If any of these (and the other reasons that I haven't listed here) are causing you to be tired and therefore make excuses about not being active, then don't you think you should be addressing the source of the tiredness and doing something about it?

I get it.  I've experienced "tiredness" from: depression, stress, bad food, low iron, too much sleep, too little sleep, illness, physical exertion, pre-menstrual.  So I'm pretty much an expert in "tiredness".  I also understand that some of our tiredness isn't actually tiredness, it's our bodies telling us that we're out of balance and something isn't right, it is your body telling you to get off your bum and do something about it. Find the cause of that tiredness and do something to manage it. 

It just isn't a valid excuse to sit on the couch and do nothing day in day out. So, you've had a busy day and the boss was in your face constantly and it's completely sucked every last bit of life out of you. And you're tired. Did you know that exercise releases feel good hormones and things like yoga help to calm us down and balance the body. 

Wouldn't you think then, that after a day like you've had, that some sort of activity would actually improve things? So if you do nothing, you're actually feeding your own excuse. Ok, so you've just got the flu and you're tired. You are completely justified in taking a couple of days off, the body needs it's energy systems available to help fight off the bugs. When you start exercising again, take it easy, the body gets pretty beaten up when the immune system has to start working hard.

You had a late night last night. Do you have a late night every night? When we're talking about excuses we're not talking about people who may miss one out of 10 exercise sessions just because they decided to have a social life the night before. We are talking about those who day in, day out avoid moving around. So if you are always having late nights and too tired to exercise the next day, then go to bed earlier or address the reasons why you can't get into bed at the healthy time of 10-11pm.

Stress and depression will make you feel tired.  But this is more reason to get moving and get the right neurotransmitters in action.  Exercise will help with stress relief and depression and help you sleep better. I spent years on anti-depressants and the one thing that actually helped me was eating and moving better. Anti-depressants made me want to sleep all the time. If you really are stressed or depressed, then start making proper steps to helping yourself. 

These two afflictions are just 2 more ways that your body tells you that something is out of balance. If you are so tired that exercise would be dangerous (ie, like riding a bike out in front of traffic), then of course you must avoid it, but you can still go for a walk right?  Modify your exercise for how you are feeling, there's no prizes for stressing the body even more than what it is. Just because your program says "Day two - legs and chest" it doesn't mean you have to do it.  Go for a swim instead.  Whatever you do, however you're feeling, just try to keep moving. That's what the body was designed for, and any tiredness you feel is there for a reason so listen to the reason and take the appropriate steps to rectify it, that way you won't have to make an excuse out of it.

If you can't work out why you're tired, then enlist the help of someone like me that can help work it out with you.