Dispelling the Myths on "diets" - Part One QuickSlim

One of my awesome clients last night handed me a magazine ad and asked my opinion about what it was advertising, so I thought I'd share it with you. 

The product is called QuickSlim and the tagline is "New Super Fibre makes weight loss super easy". Now, I'm not here to bag out the product, but you do need to know what you're buying to avoid disappointment. This is a fibre based product. It contains Konjac which has been raved about by Dr Oz and Oprah. Just as an aside Oprah really has no place dishing out diet advice considering she can't control her own weight despite having personal chefs and trainers at her disposal.

Back to the product. Konjac contains the soluble fibre Glucomannan. This fibre takes up load of space in your stomach (as all fibre does) and makes you less hungry. Shirataki noodles are made from this fibre, which makes them a good low calorie alternative to other noodles. But here's the crux of it.

Why are you so hungry that you need to fill that gap so much?  Are you starving yourself? Most nutrition experts around the world would never give any client less than 1200 calories.  I don't give my clients any less than 1700calories and they all lose weight perfectly fine without getting hungry.  Why?  Because I know my shit.  Follow a good nutrition plan that keeps hunger away, and there is no need to spend money on QuickSlim.

The ad claims that by taking QuickSlim you won't have to change your lifestyle or eating habits. What? Are you kidding me? So I can eat McDonalds all day long, do no exercise and take QuickSlim and I'll lose weight. I don't think so folks. If you over eat, a fibre supplement MAY make you eat less - so yes you will probably lose weight, in which case QuickSlim may just help you. If you under eat, a fibre supplement will stop you getting hungry, but under eating slows your metabolic rate, so you might be lucky if you lose weight. And if you lose weight by under eating, I can guarantee you that you will put it back on and you certainly won't have a good body shape. 

If you already follow a healthy nutrition and exercise plan and you take this product and it doesn't change anything about your eating habits, then you probably won't experience any result at all. My advice is this, if you over eat seek help for your overeating so you can experience long term freedom, and by all means take a fibre supplement before meals - but it doesn't have to be QuickSlim by any means. If you under eat, start eating at the very least 1200 calories of good wholesome foods, get some exercise and watch your metabolism increase as your calories do! If you are already on a program, don't waste your money on this product, if your program isn't working - seek guidance.

There are no miracle weight loss cures. Just good nutrition, exercise and whatever else is required for you to balance your hormones and metabolism. If there was a miracle cure, then we'd all be slim right?