Olive Leaf Extract - Get stuck in now!

OK, so summer is pretty much over, autumn is here, and as the weather cools down, this becomes the perfect environment for colds and flus to proliferate.

Winter is also the time that we tend to overeat on sugary/starchy comfort foods and it is also the time we tend to stay indoors more, which puts us right in the firing line of moulds that accumulate in a damp home. These two things have the ability to create overgrowths of bad bacteria in our own bodies. So not only are we fighting colds and flus, but we're also battling against things that put our body into a state where it will pick up colds and flus easier. Prevention is the key, start now - unless of course you like being sick and think your workmates won't mind you spreading it around.

One preventative method you can employ is a daily dose of olive leaf extract. Olive leaf has been used since early Egyptian times, it was used as part of mummification processes, so already we can assume it must be quite effective in warding off bugs that mummys may attract. Since these early times, Olive Leaf Extract has been researched, trialled and used extensively and the general consensus is that it's pretty amazing.

Olive Leaf is anti-viral (colds and flus) and anti-bacterial (secondary infections from colds and flus, or infection from parasites, fungi and yeasts). It has many other benefits and properties, but for this blog - we're just looking at the winter bugs.

Olive Leaf is also very high in antioxidants, which will also help your cells in fighting off bugs. A daily dose of Olive Leaf Extract should see you right for winter, along with your other preventative strategies. And while you're thinking about prevention, have a check around your house for unattended mould. It may have dried up over summer, but the first hint of wet windows from now, and the spores will multiply and land right in your body. Start thinking about a dehumidifier or other damp eliminating products such as DampRid. Look at the security of your windows also, it's best to leave them open to allow air to circulate, but of course, security first.