Post Easter "flu"

OK, so I just came out of my easter feeling like crap. Usual story for a lot of people.  

But I thought I'd share with you why you may feel a bit "under the weather". So basically I ate my way through a large amount of hot cross buns...I'm talking a very large amount, along with icecream, chips and wine. I know it's not sensible, but I decided that this was what I was going to do...never again I can safely say.  

Normally our organs can process a bit of rubbish food here and there along with other toxins (yes I did just class rubbish food as a toxin) but when the overload is too big, it ends up through the blood and lymphatic system, and *BAM* that's when we feel like we've been hit with the flu. So my symptoms started with very sore and swollen glands in my throat, all over body aches and a very yucky feeling in my throat. Yes, you could be sitting there going, silly woman, she just got a cold at easter. But sorry folks, it was not a virus and it was not a bacteria - it was simply an overload of toxins that created a large amount of inflammation and revved up my immune system.  

Once you can spot the difference it's easy to see that this isn't a cold.  Sugar and refined carbohydrates are toxic to the body, they do cause acidity and inflammation and this fires up your immune system. Fire up your immune system too much and there'll be nothing left of it when it has to deal to a real threat. And this is precisely the reason why I don't eat flour and sugar on a day to day basis.

It makes getting over colds and flus a lot easier when you have a well rested immune army ready to battle. So, I'm still getting over my toxic load, but it's reminded me yet again why it is so important to listen to our bodies and not our brains when it comes to our nutrition. Question to you out there is this.... Can you tell the difference between an overloaded body and the common cold?..... and are we all rushing off to the doctor for medication to treat something that in fact is an illness from gluttony?