A reality check for lean people

This is just a quick blog about the reality of the human body.

Your body will do EVERYTHING it can to maintain homeostasis. What that means, is every single cell is working together, releasing chemicals to maintain its physiological balance.

Set-Point Theory states that there is a particular weight that your body will be most in balance at and again, it will do everything it can to maintain that point.

So, this message is to the lean people out there. And when I say lean I am talking about anyone with a body fat percentage AND B.M.I in the healthy weight range, and especially those at the low end of the healthy range.

If you, the lean person, wants to get leaner or more "ripped" or look like that chick from the cover of a fitness magazine, be prepared to work for it.

Here are 5 home truths you need to know.

  1. Your body is going to fight you every step of the way to maintain its homeostasis.
  2. If your menstrual cycle stops it means that you are out of balance
  3. If you want to look like an actor in a particular movie role you need to realise that they worked HARD to achieve it. Their job, their income and their career depended on them training for more than 2 hours a day and eating EXACTLY what they were told.  Are you going to lose a million dollars by not getting in shape?
  4. If you want to look 'ripped' like an 'after' photo or the latest cover model of a magazine, you need to realise that they PREPPED for this photo, they dieted and did excess cardio and they carb depleted and loaded and dehydrated so they looked leaner. Not to mention the fact they also have a spray tan AND they had good lighting AND they were airbrushed for the cover. This is what you are seeing on magazines. Yes there is the odd model that naturally looks like this all year round, but I'll bet you anything she still trains pretty hard and eats VERY well.
  5. When you achieve that figure, you need to maintain it. And remember, your body has it's own idea of homeostasis.

Most trainers will sugar coat this stuff. Of course, it's pretty demotivating. But what I think is worse is when you look in the mirror and you're still not seeing what you want because no one made you aware of what you had to do to achieve the goal.

So, if you are in the healthy weight ranges, start loving what you've got.

If you don't love your current healthy, in shape, naturally balanced body - then contact me for a diet and exercise program that will shred you up, but be prepared to work for it.