In my life, I have experienced people sticking their unwanted noses into my lunchbox... literally.  I have experienced those who think they know my body better than I do and show little respect for the things I know about myself.  There are a lot of people out there experiencing the same thing.  Similarly, there are a lot of people who are showing very little respect to themselves - this blog is all about....R.E.S.P.E.C.T (sing it Aretha!!)

How do you show your respect towards others beliefs about food/exercise? I had someone use the word "excuse" at me after I made a statement about not being able to sleep if I exercise at night. It's very rare to find people who are actually in tune with their bodies, and it's a challenging thing to teach and learn, so if you do happen to come across someone like that you may learn something from them if you listen close enough. This also applies to those who stick their noses in other people's lunchboxes making comments over their food or to those who try and peer pressure and guilt people into "just one won't hurt". I urge everyone just to have a little chat with themselves... Are you disrespecting someones beliefs around their own personal health?

Respect comes in many different forms and disrespecting ourselves can create major health issues. How do you respect your body? Do you give it what IT needs or do you go against the laws of nature and disrespect it by using it as a rubbish bin. How do you respect yourself as a human, do you berate yourself? Do you talk to yourself in ways that you wouldn't talk to your best friend? We are all individuals, there is no one more or less important than you. Negative self-talk can really cause havoc on your hormones and your mental and physical health.  Find peace with who you are and respect your differences.

Natural food is quite a gift, it's no co-incidence that the very foods that nature gives us are in fact the very things that our body runs on. But do we give it the respect it deserves? We talk about how "bad" carbs are, but guess what - they're actually not, its how we treat them and how we decide to ignore natures carbs in favour of shit carbs.

Do you respect leftovers? Do you use them, or do you have a fear over using leftover food?

I do enjoy it when people are concerned about starving children and that it is a reminder to eat everything on their plate. Yep, true, BUT if you plate has a disrespectful amount of food on it, then what you're doing is giving a big finger to those that can barely put a grain of rice on theirs. And regardless of whether your eat everything on your plate or not - you're still not helping starving children, so let that excuse go now.

Do you prepare your food with love and intention? You'll get more out of your food if you do. Do you chew it with care or do you swallow it in big chunks placing huge strain on your digestive system?

Today...and everyday, show respect to your food. And think about this, if the ENTIRE population exploded to the point of out of control, and the soils become dead you can bet your bottom dollar, that ALL you will have to eat is processed shit. Sounds fun.

We get VERY focused on things like weight and aesthetics and what people will think of what we look like. This seems to be a major theme in health and fitness. I see a massive number of people with major health issues affecting their quality of life, many of these people believe that losing weight will solve their problems. Unfortunately, what we are missing is the concept of respecting life. Sure, we might be alive, but are we just existing or are we really thriving? How much respect do you have for life and the quality of it? Have you forsaken your quality of life for other people or other goals?

I had a client who just couldn't take his family history of bowel cancer seriously enough to eat a goddam vegetable, and he simply didn't care about life, he was there to have a good time and whatever happens, happens. What made me sad, is that he didn't even seem to care about the possibility that his partner will be left alone if he somehow does end up like the rest of his family. In my opinion (right or wrong) he just didn't have any respect for his life, or the life of his loved ones if anything happened to him.

Respect not only life, but the quality of it also. Seek health...the weight just corrects itself automatically when we are truly healthy.

Overall, look for all the ways you can respect your body, mind, food, people, possessions and life. To earn respect, it always pays to give a little. If you looked at life on planet earth from space, you will find that we are quite miniscule - we are all pretty lucky to have a planet that supports life like us, so lets all get out there and respect the food that mother nature gave us, and respect the fact that we have only one body to use for our entire life and that the quality of our life depends on how much respect we pay to it.

Or... treat it like shit.

The choice is yours.