What This Duckling Can Teach You About Self-Care

I was just out walking, it was raining so there were many worms around.  As I was walking, I happened across some ducks with their new ducklings (very cute).  As you can image, they all went running for the water.

Except for one.

And that one duckling, we can learn a lot from.

While the others were frantically jumping in the water trying to escape me, he trotted down the hill happily with a worm in his mouth, swallowed it down and jumped in behind the others.

Within 2 seconds he’d paddled his little self to the front of the pack.  What happened next was he either found another worm in the lake, or he regurgitated it, dropped it and picked it up.

Then the chase was on.

But of course our little dude won.  He was stronger and faster.

He was stronger and faster because he gets the worms – he gets the nourishment.

And he keeps getting the worms because he’s prepared to do what the other ducklings won’t – while they all tried to steal his worm he was like “You guys could just go over there and get your OWN worms, but instead you're chasing me for a worm you're never going to get!"

The lesson we can get is this:

If you do what everyone else is doing, you’ll get what everyone else gets – so choose carefully. It may also be a good idea to CHOOSE hard work instead of the easy way out. 

You can choose to be the duckling that puts their Self first and gets their needs met through their own means  or you can be one of the other ones always looking for the easy way and chasing those who already have the worms.

In real life (non-duck terms)

You can keep eating the pizzas and drinking the wine because everyone else is - but all you'll get is a wine and pizza body you don't want.  You can keep following the Guru-Sheep Diets, but all you'll get is the rebound weight gain.  You can keep putting everyone else before yourself but all you'll get is poor energy and mood swings.  You can keep making excuses or you can get in and actually do the work.

That little duckling 100% stood in his confidence, power and self-worth

I hope you are too.