Why should I soak my nuts, grains, seeds and legumes?

Mother Nature is super clever, she keeps her nuts, grains, legumes and seeds safe from prey until they germinate and sprout.

Water (essential for plant growth) enables these safe packages to release these compounds when its time to germinate.

These substances are enzyme inhibitors, phytates, tannins, and goitrogens and these things aren't of any use to us when we eat them as they can block enzyme reactions and prevent digestion of nutrients.

To get the full benefits from our grains, nuts, seeds and legumes we are advised to soak them overnight in water plus an acidic compound (lemon juice or vinegar), and rinse the next day.  This draws the phytic acid and other compounds out which then enables us to get the full benefits of their nutrition.

I personally soak my rolled oats overnight before I cook with them and have found them easier to digest and enjoy (and they make a nicer oatcake or porridge)