The Buttercup Workout

Today it was a beautiful day at my client Dean's house. 


I noticed he hadn't mowed his lawns and I also had the rope in the car so I invented this workout for him. This is a great workout you can do at home and is awesome for arms and abs all in one go.

Here's the workout:

  • Run to giant patch of buttercups, hold a plank while collecting as many buttercups as possible
  • Run to the rope put the buttercups down and do 50 alternating rope flicks. 
  • Run back to buttercups and repeat... keep going in this pattern until 50 buttercups had been collected (no stumpy ones allowed) 

Your arms and abs will be feeling this by the end. You can make it harder by collecting more buttercups or giving yourself a rule to collect at least 20 in one go by moving around in the plank position.

Loads of fun for a spring day!!  Enjoy.