The death of health

Woah, hold the phone, that's all a bit depressing and serious. 

Yeah, it is a little.  We think of death as death, but we never look at our state of health in the same way.  Many of us, all over the world, are slowly but surely killing off our health.

So what is health?  Is it that you NEVER get a cold?  Is it that you don't have cancer? 

Let me tell you what health is: According to the World Health Organisation "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity"

Hear that?  Not the absence of disease.  If you don't have a disease, that does not necessarily equate to you being healthy.  Many times clients will be in my office telling me that they're healthy, then we get down to the Q&A and we find things like: 

  • Constipation
  • Migraines
  • Depression
  • Poor energy
  • Body fat
  • etc

These are all signs of poor health.  If you have a "symptom", then you have a lack of health.  Your health is dying and we have to save it!! 

Many people complain about the sore back they've had for 8 years.  Others talk of how they've had no energy for months, while others talk about their "normal" headaches. 

These things may be "normal" for you, but they're not normal in a healthy functioning body.  Remember, health is a state of COMPLETE physical well-being.  Is a headache what you'd call "well-being"? 

"Oh but I only get them once a week". 

Newsflash - headaches aren't supposed to happen at all.  Forget this once a week craziness!   Pain is a way of your body talking to you and asking you to help it - are you listening to your body, or ignoring its cries?

Reed Davis of FDN talks of a wellness meter.  We are either at one end, symptom free, happy, actually healthy, no pain, no ailment at all.  Or we are at the other end, which is dead.  Just before death we have disease, and then somewhere in between total health and disease, we have varying degrees of unwellness - AKA our health is dying.  Hey, we may not actually die from having weekly headaches, but our HEALTH is dying. 

Do you think of your health like this?  Do you just assume that because you don't have high cholesterol, no diabetes and no cancer that you are healthy? 

Take a moment now and sit with your body quietly.  How does it feel, is there pain anywhere, restriction?  How is your mind?  Is it calm, or are you freaking out about something?  Did you poop today?  How about yesterday?  Reckon you'll poop again tomorrow?  Are you having good sex?  When was the last time you got a cold, flu or headache?  How many times did that happen this year?

Are you really healthy?  Are you healthy by WHO standards?  Are you well according to the Wellness Meter?   

My entire point here is this.  Many of us are just lying to ourselves, we call ourselves healthy but in reality all we are is just "free of disease".

The bad news is, once the body is placed under too much stress and falls out of health it begins to make little compensations, these compensations turn into grand dysfunctional adaptations inside the body.  And it's these adaptations and continued stress that can eventually lead you towards disease, via its wide ranging cellular changes.   And you thought it was just from eating too many eggs and potatoes right?

Sure, there are genetic issues that can influence disease onset and progression.  This post has nothing to do with genetics - we're talking about health and adaptations that occur when you are NOT healthy.

So the death of health can actually lead us on the path to a swifter and not so pretty death.   Some of you will manage to be unhealthy, but not eventually die from it's complications - you are the lucky ones. But this isn't a lottery I'd like to play.

Pretty grim right.  But here's your job in 3 easy steps: 

  1. Admit that you're not healthy and you've been kidding yourself
  2. Take action to turn your health around: reduce and manage stress, eat good food from nature, move your body, breathe from your diaphragm, hydrate with good quality water, get plenty of sleep, be kind to yourself and others.
  3. Repeat until the end of your days where you die of something cool like old age.