The 'needn't list' 2 years on ... and other useless research

Back in February 2012 The University of Otago released a piece of waste of time research called "The Needn't List"

This list was designed to be a "useful tool for medical practitioners and other health professionals working with people wanting to lose weight"

Aside from the media frenzy in February 2012, the Needn't List hasn't had any further mention.  A quick google search confirms that no one has bothered to discuss it any further than the week or two that the press release was circulating.

Do you know what the Needn't list is?

Did you follow it?

Just making the headlines today is the NZ Government's initiative to produce a "star" rating on processed foods, rating their "health".

But wait.

Have we not had nutrition labels on our food for decades?

Have we not had the Food Pyramid drummed into us since birth? (I don't support Food Pyramid)

Did we not end up with Percentage Daily Values on our labels a few years ago?

And didn't the Needn't list come out 2 years ago.

And aren't obesity rates just climbing in spite of all of this?

So why are we still focusing on this strategy?  It does not work, and has not worked.

In the 30 year Global Burden of Disease Study, we discovered: 

The analysis of trend data from 188 countries found that between 1980 and 2013, the proportion of obese men in New Zealand increased more than in any other country, from 13 percent to 28 percent.

You do not need to produce a research paper or have a masters degree to work out that the actions of our government does not correlate with results.  I'll plot you a visual graph now... let's make it a 30 year graph shall we.  On the y axis "number of initiatives over 30 years" on the x axis "obesity rates over 30 years".

I always love how the "science brigade" come in and bleet on about how there's no science proving that processed foods are bad, blah blah blah.  I really don't care to be honest.

When the Global Burden of Disease tells me we're getting fatter...

And I see research talking about how 90% of all people who lose weight will put it back on.

I say, fuck your lists and labels.  Get out of your office and get a handle on WHY people are even MAKING those choices in the first place, your labels and lists HAVE NOT WORKED.

This is what I'm doing about it.

  • I will teach you how to find joy in non-processed foods
  • I will help you work out why you struggle to follow a diet of unprocessed food
  • I will refer you to someone if we find I can't help you
  • I will teach you some basic cookery if that is the problem
  • I will teach you how to cook healthy food quickly if that is the problem
  • I will help you find healthy, cheap alternatives if budget is the problem
  • I will listen to why you struggle and coach you accordingly.
  • I will always have your best interests in my heart when I coach you.

Best of luck for the Government while they roll this system out.

I'll check in on the progress in a couple of years.

Stacey HancockComment