The quickest meal in the world - no excuses

OK, so you haven't made lunch...or perhaps you're on your way home from work and can't be bothered cooking dinner.  So what do we do, we usually hit the convenience food.

But I have found a fairly healthy, super quick alternative that takes less than 60 seconds to prepare.  In fact, this meal can even take you 15 seconds to prepare!  I know, I know, it sounds mad.


  1. 1 container of pre-made salad (usually around $4 but today, mine was on special for $2)
  2. 1 tin of Chop Chop Chicken, any flavour. (usually around $4 also, but today mine was $3.15)


Open plastic lid of salad, dump salad on plate, open chicken can and put on top of salad, chuck the prepackaged, aspartame containing dressing in the bin.


150cals | 14.2g protein | 6.9g fat (1.1g sat fat) | 3g carb

It looks really pretty, because the pre-packed salads have heaps of cool sprouts to make it look interesting.  And if you want a quick carb with your meal, you can grab a bag of pre-cooked rice or you could have a yoghurt or a piece of fruit afterwards (for those with a sweet tooth)

OK, so now you're all going, well that's not very environmentally friendly.  Yes, you are quite correct, but this is not an environmentalists's a nutrition website and this meal could be the difference between that sluggish post takeaway 'hangover' vs a cheap healthy meal and success in keeping the kilos off when we're unprepared.  And with this, you can take your energised body and go and do some environmental stuff.

Although the lite mayo Chop Chop Chickens aren't totally 100% healthy, they're a lot better than stopping off at KFC.