Time to procrastinate?

*BEEP BEEP BEEP*.... snooze...

At that hour of the morning, the hardest thing to do is to declare how motivated you are to just get up and get stuck into that exercise, or to get your food organised for the day.  But at 6pm after the day has dragged every last drop out of us it's still difficult to run through the door excited to get out there and burn some more energy.  But at midday it's also a struggle to get out for an exercise session, due to strict lunch breaks...or other reasons.

Where do we draw the line?  We've made the commitment, but waiting on the follow through.  Time procrastinating is a calorie waiting to be burnt or a muscle waiting for some stimulation.  As my friend told me the other day, The best exercise is the exercise you do.

So, you've committed to setting the alarm early, yet you've decided to keep hitting the snooze.  Exactly how much extra quality sleep did you get doing that?  That's right, none.  I'm not kidding, you, biologically are getting ZERO benefits from snooze.

  • Try moving your alarm clock to the hallway so you have to move the body and wake it up.
  • Try putting your trainers next to it also, this visual cue is a great motivator when the brain isn't quite ready to engage.
  • How about doing an enjoyable task first thing, so its like you're waking up for something else that's not exercise.

We need to be realistic about this time of day, the brain is not usually geared up to be instantly motivated to get out and exercise (for most of us anyway) - we need to accept and acknowledge this, but not give in to it.  Start by trying to get up just 10 minutes earlier and increase it over a few weeks.  With daylight saving about to end, now is the absolute best  time to start getting up earlier - 6am will feel 7am - but with the bonus of giving you a whole extra hour to your morning.  I'm excited, my 5am is about to feel like 6am....or should I just try getting up at 4?

Perhaps you're the lunchtime procrastinator, are you spending time at your desk mulling over how much time you don't have?

  • Make it automatic, as soon as lunchtime hits, throw the shoes on and head out for a walk
  • Give yourself permission that it's ok to take time for yourself.  Everyone is entitled to a lunchbreak, take yours guilt free.  Working through your lunch break does not do you any favours and if you need that extra half hour to get your full days work done, then your job description needs revising. (Yes I can hear you fuming at that statement, tough.)
  • Find a bolshy work colleague who will demand you go out walking/jogging/gymming with them to keep you on task.

Maybe you've committed to after work exercise.  How much time do you spend once you've walked through the door thinking about the housework that needs doing or how tired you are etc?

  • Try taking your workout gear to work, and get the exercise done before going home, that way there are no chores to distract you.
  • As soon as you get home, just go out for a quick 10 minute walk around the block, it might be enough to clear the brain fog and find some energy to keep going.
  • Throw the treadmill etc in front of the TV, you'd be surprised how time flies when you're absorbed in your favourite show.

Don't feel you need to whack out an hour of exercise if you find it hard to get into a routine.  Start by forming the habit and the duration will come.  Just 10 minutes a day is enough to kick-start a regular pattern.  It's not quite enough to make a huge dent in the health and fitness (unless that 10 minutes is metabolically demanding), but that will come once you're into the swing of things.  And remember 20 minutes of exercise a day is all you need to start making a dent in the weight loss (all depends on your current level).

If your chosen time of day isn't working for you, try choosing a different time and see if that works better.  Whatever you decide to do, let's stop procrastination in it's tracks...it takes up way too much time.