Using food to pay off debt: Part One

Did you know that you can use something as simple as your food purchasing to help you pay off debt.  Crazy right? Over the next few posts I'm going to share some tips on how to do this.

Part one starts with you and your attitude.

Firstly, you have to get out of your own way and drop your bad attitude.  Yep, if you NEED to have the latest 5 blade razor, or the latest smelling handwash, a particular brand of deoderent or 3 kinds of cereal, and you're not prepared to give those up for the sake of that stupid debt you have, then you have a bad attitude and you are in the way of your own success.  Soap cleans you, adding a bloody lime scent to it does not make you cleaner and it sure as hell doesn't make someone like you more, or make you more successful, or make you the envy of your friends.  It does add more toxins to your body though FYI.  Brand loyalty does not make you smart, it makes you dumb, because you got sucked in by the elure of the brand.  You do realise that those brands like Pams, Basics, Budget, Homebrand etc are made by your branded companies didn't you?

Secondly, you have to drop your attitude towards food prep.  Sure, you might hate cabbage and love broccoli, but have you ever bothered to find alternate ways to make cabbage so that you can enjoy it?  Is your inability to be creative standing the way of you experiencing other foods that might save you money?  Offal/Organ meats are so incredibly cheap and so freaking good for you, but everyone is so scared of them.  Guess what folks, they taste the SAME as expensive meat, when you cook it with flavour.  Did you hear me?  Flavour your food.

Third, you have to get away from thinking your kids control the food in the house.  They don't, you are the parent, the adult, the money earner, the chef and dishwasher, therefore - YOU and only YOU are in charge of what is eaten.  Stop letting your child away with "ew that's gross", find out what they heck they don't like about it, stop rolling over and accepting it.  If you let the kids away with this, they will continue to drain your grocery budget and you will NEVER get out of debt.  If you really do suck at cooking then the entire family won't be happy with what you cook, not just the kids.  You need to take a look at yourself and find acceptance with the fact that you can't cook.  Accept it, get over it and do something about it.  You will need to learn to cook if you want the family to be happy and not dictate what food you are supposed to buy or make.

Kids only dictate food choices because you let them in the first place.  You know what an apple is, so why are you buying apple slices in stupid fruit bags or dried fruit straps.  Because your kids thought it was cute right?  Go home, slice up an apple and tell them its the same thing but better - You get the chance to be the marketer.  By the way, when you buy a bag of sliced apples, you are also paying for someone to spray preservative on it, cut it, package it and print a pretty label on it.  Don't be foolish.  Get your debt paid off instead.

I am a fool just like you.  

So if you're getting all offended with my choice of language, you can cut it out right now.  I am a stupid spender, and I have a $17,500 student loan to pay off.  It stops now, and if you want to join me, lets go.  If you want to wallow in debt, self pity and excuses then continue on, you are doing a great job.

Here are some of the attitudes I have dropped:


  1. I do not need to eat 100% organic.  I will not die if 30% of my food is non-organic, and I will not lose health points.
  2. If I put berries in my smoothie it is expensive, if I use less berries and a little tinned fruit it is cheaper.  I do not need to be putting ONLY expensive fruit in my smoothies.
  3. I do not need to be afraid of the corn, peas, carrot mix.  Somehow it was brainwashed into me through bodybuilding that these mixes are evil.  They aren't.  Provided I also include broccoli, cabbage, lettuce etc in my diet, then a bit of evil corn/peas/carrot mix to bulk things up is going to be ok.
  4. I do not need to buy flaxseed oil for my smoothies.  Mediterranean folk have low rates of heart disease and their diets include a very healthy's called Olive Oil, and since I just happen to have a nice bottle of it (lite on flavour) in my pantry I will bloody well use that instead.

So, if you are prepared to drop your preconceived ideas over food and get out of your own way, you will save money and that money can be thrown at those stupid debts you have.

Stay tuned for the next few posts covering tips on how you can save on your food bill... AND I will share with you details about the program that my personal friend Danny-J used to pay off $18,000 of debt in 2 months.


Those tips won't mean jack shit to you if you can't drop your attitude though.  So start with that.  You have to WANT to find ways to pay off your debt, if you don't want it bad enough, then what are you still doing reading this post, you're wasting valuable time here, when you should be spending your way into a very poor retirement.