Using food to pay off debt: Part Two

Before we even get into the food part of using food to pay off your debt, we have to address something more sinister...your non-food purchases at the supermarket.  These are going to be your little pots of gold in paying off your debts faster.

But if you don't have your head on straight first...stop reading and go back to Using food to pay off Debt : Part ONE

If you're ready to continue...lets go.


Toothpaste.  See that nearly empty tube of toothpaste, squeeze it a bit harder...roll it up even, and then when you've done that, cut it in half and scrape out the insides.  You just earned yourself another 5 days worth of toothpaste.  5 days multiplied by 12 months is 60 days of extra toothpaste.  That's like 2 tubes a year, and that's approximately $8 extra that you can dump on debt.

Ok, so $8 a year doesn't sound like much.  But when you do this with your shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, foundation, mascara, gel, mousse, hairspray, wax, blusher, eyeshadow, deoderent, purfume etc it really starts to add up.

Then when you start to adopt this mindset to everything else you consume, you are really going to start to make some difference to those debts.

Now, go through the cupboard, Before you even THINK about buying the "next level up" or another bottle "just in case", stop right there.  Get out of your own way and USE IT UP.  My friend Lisa did a stocktake and found 8 chapsticks.  That's like 2 years worth of chapstick!

Do you really need to fill the ENTIRE toothbrush with toothpaste, do you need to wash your hair EVERY DAY, do you need 5 pumps of facewash when one will do?  Is leaving the soap to form a mushy disgusting mess that you will throw away sensible?

I don't have kids, but I've been one, so that makes me an expert on what kids do with toiletries.  We, as kids are wasteful, so if your kids are the same as me and the kids I know - then monitor their use of toiletries, teach them good habits so they learn to respect money and the things that money is used for and the things they WANT money to be used for.

What are you doing comparing yourself to others anyway?  Is your life really so bad that you want to be or look like someone else and have what they have.  There are 7 billion people in the world, I dare you to try and keep up with ALL of them.  Every time you buy something because someone else has it, you are allowing them to have control over your debt.  Wow, what a lot of power to give someone else.

Ok, so I saw an ad on TV here in NZ last night - CK purfume for ONLY $27!   Where I live, it is a 3 hour round trip to the sale, and I can guarantee you, that people from my town will drive up to the sale.  Guess what, your CK that you're gonna buy will cost you $67 because you had to pay $40 gas to get there and back.  As Dani Johnson would say..."fools".  Not only that, you already have lipstick don't you, so what on earth are you doing buying another one just because its cheap - YOU DON'T NEED IT!  And it sure as hell aint gonna make you any prettier or more desirable. 

Ok, so then you apply these same principles to dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, stupid dishwasher power balls, flyspray, room sprays etc.

Oh by the way - 10 years ago we didn't have auto spray devices going off in our houses, scented candly room stupid scenty things that change colour from Glade, toilet "dots" and other pathetic money wasting products.  You don't need this crap, and you're getting a double whammy when you use it - a hit out of your pocket and a hit on your liver.  Nice job.  If your house smells that bad by the way, you've got bigger problems than you realise, and a scenty thing isn't exactly the answer.

I just google "homemade mama" for some CRAZY reason, I figured I'd find some sort of mother who had decided to make her own stuff to save money, I didn't find one... I FOUND LOTS!

ok rant over.  Summary so far

1. Get out of your own way and sort out your attitude if you haven't done so yet

2. Get to work on using your non-food grocery items more wisely and put that money towards your debt.