Password Power

passwords to health

I don't know about you, but I spend a large chunk of my day inputting passwords for things like facebook, online banking, blogs, website, and even my own computer.  Did you know that you can use power of passwords to enhance your health, well being, motivation, business, relationship, confidence... everything!

It's all based on the principles of repetition of positive beliefs.  We are encouraged to write things like daily gratitudes, positive affirmations, mantras and the like.  These visual reminders are powerful cues to our subconscious and conscious brain.  The more we see these phrases, and the more they mean to us, the more power they have on our beliefs, and therefore our thoughts and actions.  Our brains have this uncanny ability to treat real and imagined things as true beliefs, so if we imagine we are an amazing woman, just by seeing a password every day that tells us that, eventually we will develop a firm belief in it.

I tried this last year.  I had a particular password, which was nice and complicated, with numbers, alphanumeric and symbols.  But it wasn't exactly the most positive password.  Every time I typed it in, I didn't get a sense of "wow my password is so clever", instead it made me angry, every single day I was seeing the same phrase...a phrase that I wouldn't exactly want to say in real life, but I found myself uttering it in my head quite frequently through the day.

So I changed all my passwords to something powerful, meaningful to me and something that I needed to nurture.  Now, this might sound a little wacky, but once I changed the password, I started getting a different feeling every time I typed it.  I felt empowered, confident and motivated more often, the words were really sinking deep into my subconscious, and things started shifting around and changing with work and life.

If you struggle with mantras and things like that, try changing all your passwords to the mantra (or a brief word from it).  It is time consuming, but it is a simple step to take in positive thinking if you struggle with it on a daily basis.

Now that my last password has turned into a solid belief, I'm going to change all of mine again to reflect a new goal in my life!