Things that make me a little angry - Vitamin C recommendation

I just paid a quick visit to one of my clients to see how things were going and was very pleased to find things were going well. 

During our discussion she pulled out a box of Vitaquench and asked me if I thought they were a good idea as another nutritionist had told her to use them to increase her Vitamin C. Huh?  

Whatever happened to good old oranges, kiwifruit, green leafy veg....etc? This makes me so mad.  This particular client has health and metabolic concerns that would not benefit from a synthetically produced, artificially sweetened water additive and I am struggling to work out why someone in my industry would suggest that product instead of food...there wasn't even a mention of supplementing with an actual vitamin C, just a processed flavour sachet.

The RDI for Vitamin C set in NZ is 45mg a day and is set at that level for the purposes of preventing deficiency diseases such as scurvy.  Vitaquench gives us 22mg per serving, so doesn't even meet the minimum requirement.  Just 1 kiwifruit provides around 92mg of Vitamin C along with various other specific nutritional benefits (digestive function) that would have suited this client better.