Aaaaand Watermelon is also bad...

Well, I'm not holding out much hope for humanity. I have just seen another ridiculous food guideline (see last post for the first stupid guideline)

This time, on the "not at all" are the following: Watermelon, Rock Melon, Pineapple, Kiwifruit and pumpkin along with a few other healthy foods. But guess what, they share the SAME category as things like ice cream, potato chips and cake. What?  Oh, but it's ok, lettuce and cucumber get the big tick on this diet.

So let me get this straight.  I can't eat lettuce and cucumber, and according to this diet I can't eat watermelon and the like. Why oh why are these people taking out the fruits and veg with the HIGHEST WATER CONTENT?  This is madness. But guess what else? Deli meat is ok on this diet, but salami isn't.  How many fad dieters have I got out there reading this blog? Probably not enough.

I am sick of companies with big profiles, big money and dolly birds with a big friends list on facebook creating this shit. It makes health and fitness very very confusing. I get so many clients who just look at me and say "What am I supposed to eat... there is so much conflicting advice".  

I know, so here it is in simple easy to understand format. Fruit is good. Meat is good. Vegetables are good. Nuts & seeds are good. Grains, legumes/beans and dairy are good for those who it is good for - some people don't digest and assimilate these foods well. Oil is good, fats are good. Water is good. Exercise is good (choose the right exercise for you - see a professional).

Food that gives you energy, doesn't send you crashing, allows you to sleep well, doesn't make you bloat, fart or cramp is good. Food that gives you nutrients and doesn't rob you of nutrients is good. Fill your body with actual trace nutrients and your cravings will start to slowly disappear, you won't get hungry and changing that lifestyle will be a WHOLE lot easier.

For very, very obvious reasons, the food you ate while you were getting more overweight is not good. Not a science degree needed to understand this. If you are eating meat, veg, fruit, nuts and seeds and tolerating dairy and grains and not losing weight, then other factors may be at work - but for goodness sake, don't cut out lettuce, cucumber or watermelon. If you eat a daily muffin, with your daily latte, followed up later on in the afternoon by your daily chocolate, and finish the day with your daily glass of wine - then you don't need to cut out lettuce, cucumber or watermelon either. 

You know what needs to happen - get assistance with the emotional, mental and biological drivers behind this disruptive consumption of food. Use common sense guys, you KNOW fruit and vegetables are good for you don't you?

So if you see any fruit or vegetable on a don't eat list then bypass that diet and get on to a professional who knows what they're doing. And on that note, I'm going to have a big plate of fattening lettuce, cucumber and watermelon, someone call the diet police.