Okay. What ARE the best takeaway options?

Firstly, I do not advocate takeaways as a health or weight loss option in any way shape or form.  My philosophy is for us all to learn how to cook well and make meals that are good for us AND that we like the taste of.  My experience with clients is that if we do this instead of dieting, then our metabolism will do the job it is supposed to do and enable us to manage our weight, energy, digestive function, mental health etc all on it's own.

But hey.  Sometimes shit happens, and we're hungry and we really don't want to eat a muffin, but we're not sure what might be ok.  So I've had to dig deep past my beliefs to find you what I feel are the best of the worst when it comes to takeaways.  

  • Sushi 4-5 pieces.  Make them the big chicken or salmon ones, not ones with loads of rice and a piddling amount of meat.  Good, because they are rice and meat.  Not so good because some are flavour enhanced which can cause health issues for some (me included) and water retention from the high sodium levels.  Not awesome if you have a weigh in and don't want to be 1kg heavier in fluid.
  • Carb free or open salad kebabs (they are delish!! and you can have cheese and sauce with it cos it has no carbs). This is the fast food option I always choose for myself and in terms of digestion, mental clarity, weight maintenance and taste, it never fails me.
  • Omelette at a cafe without toast (chances are they will make their omelette with cream or cheese, so if we leave the toast out then at least we're not getting a fat and refined carb hit.  
  • Roast meal kiosk in food court - but avoid the roasted root veg, many of them are actually deep fried.  Consider getting a salad from the turkish place and getting your roast on top of it...who said you can't do that?  Challenge the unwritten rules that no particular person has actually set.
  • KFC Grilled Chicken breast + small coleslaw.  KFC is a dirty word to me, but again, I think this might be the best of a bad bunch
  • Pita Pit.  Go for the smallest pita and decide between avocado/hummus or cheese, if you have both then you are getting quite the fat punch along with the refined carbs in the pita.  Go wholemeal, and fill up on the veg and just ask for a little weeny bit of any yoghurt based sauce.
There are some popular options that aren't on my list, I won't name them, as I don't want them on the list.  I have a basic rule of thumb, if it's a high carb takeaway stay clear of the fat and add protein, if it's a high fat takeaway, don't add any carbs.

But mostly, just try and be as organised with your nutrition as possible - and don't forget to totally treat yourself occasionally to anything not on this list!!